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Chhattisgarh Places to see
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Chhattisgarh Places to see
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Still retaining the originality through harboring a wide tribal culture, Chhattisgarh boasts as a tribal dominated state. The state, which was previously a art of the largest state of India, Madhya Pradesh, separated itself in the year 2000 and became the 26th state of India.

The state presents to the tourists an amazing assortment of waterfalls. The hilly terrains of the Chhattisgarh are mostly covered with greenery. And the curtain of green shroud along the mountains is speckled with waterfalls at several places. Mere sight of waterfall will leave tourists speechless and the places around the fall are of entertainment value as visitors can enjoy picnic beside waterfall. Chitrakot waterfall is the largest one in India and has great similarity with the Niagara Falls. This spectacular fall becomes 1000 feet wide when it is in full vitality during monsoon. The land of Chhatisgarh is full of surprises and much of the land is still being discovered. One such recent discovery is Thamada Ghumar Waterfall, which is 100 feet high.  There are falls in the state that refuses to dry even during the blazing summer, Pawai Surguj Waterfall is one of such kind which never ceases its flow of water.

The natural bounty of the state doesn’t end in waterfalls only. The deep forests around the falls camouflage several ancient caves that bear marks of man’s existence centuries ago. Kailash caves are located into the thick forests around Tiratgarh waterfalls. The underground cave is a natural one with lime stone pillars being a prominent feature within it. Forested land around the Tiratgarh waterfalls has several caves as Kutumsar cave is also found in this region. This subterranean cave is pith dark and tourists need torch light to see the elaborate natural lime stone pillars formed within the cave. Theory of adaptation is apparent in the cave as tourist witness genetically blind fishes that breed only in the pith dark interior of the cave. Dandak cave is one more splendid cave that is set in the backdrop of a hillock.

The high level of spirituality is demonstrated by the abundance of temples in Chhattisgarh. The ancient temples are renowned sites for pilgrimage and simultaneously these old temples are monuments of the past. The intricate designs on the pillars and inner sanctum demonstrate the talent that ancient craftsmen possessed. Laxman Temple and Gandheswar Temple at Sirpur was built during 7th century. Within a close proximity of Gandheshwar temple, the artistic Shiva temple has been built. This temple illustrates the religious harmony between Buddhism and Hinduism as the temple houses a statue of Lord Buddha.

The widespread greenery in the form of forests gives opportunity to tourists for trekking and safaris within the wildlife reserves and sanctuaries. The diverse flora and fauna in these parks and reserves is sure to delight the tourists.

Don’t miss the trip of this wonderful land of natural wonders as several lucrative and planned tour packages are offered by tour operators.

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