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Chhattisgarh Places to see CHHATTISGARH CITIES

Enthused with tranquil sceneries, breathtaking views, deep dense forests, and colorful tribal Culture, the state of Chhattisgarh is a nice getaway for nature lovers. A vacation here can be highly pleasant and highly refreshing for you if you really want to come out of the rigmarole of the cosmopolitan cities. Salubrious climate, pristine rivers, gurgling waterfalls leave no stone unturned in making your holiday a cherishable experience. The beauty of the place lies in cities of Chhattisgarh these are relatively lesser known as compared to the other tourist destinations and a tour to these offbeat locations can be highly rewarding for you.


Raipur, capital of the state, is one of the most sought after cities of Chhattisgarh. Known for its myriad tourist destinations, the city is laced with lush greenery and has backdrop of Maikal Hills which aggravate the paradisiacal beauty of the place. It is also significant from archeological point of view as a number of excavation sites have been unearthed here. The natural wealth of the city can also be seen in the form of its abundant mineral resources. Places that may interest you while visiting Raipur include Mahakoshal Art Gallery, Ghasi Memorial, and Shaheed Smarak, to name a few. There are too many temples, waterfalls, and wildlife sanctuaries that you can spend time at. Raipur's culture is no less significant; there are many dance forms, festivals, and rituals that have been the part of this fantastic tourist destination.


Dalli Rajhara is another natural treasure that the state can boast off. This iron ore based city provides raw material to steel plant of Bhilai. On your to this city, you will see a number of mechanical as well as mechanized mines. In order to make most of your vacation to this charming city, you can visit other nearby attractions like Mahamaya Mandir, Munda Pahlad, Bordih Dam, Ganga Maiya etc.


The industries of Kumhari are worth mentioning. With abundant sources of limestone, quartzite, clay, dolomite and other minerals, the city plays a crucial role in upliftment of the economy. Its Bhilai Steel Plant has a renowned place in entire country. At Maitribagh, a lovely garden and a zoo form nice getaways. Kumhari lies near Karuna River which imparts additional beauty to it.


Gandai is also counted among those cities of Chhattisgarh that are bestowed with immense mineral wealth. The presence of several industrial centers has made the city a self-dependent one. Donargarh is the pilgrimage center here that is known for its Maa Bambleshwari temples. To have a glimpse of the ethnic culture of tribal communities, you can visit the city of Gobranawapara. Its age-old culture and historic antiquities along with numerous industries are what assign it a status of being multi-faceted.


Basna is associated with legends of Ramayana and Mahabharata; at Badebacheli, you can visit goddess Danteshwari shrine. The panoramic beauty of Bodri can be seen in the form of its ravishing rivers, waterfalls, and dense forests. The city also provides you the opportunity of having a peep into ethnic culture of its tribesmen. The adjoining areas of Bodri have many other sites worth visiting; these include Chitrakot and Tiratgarh waterfalls. The presence of many National Parks doubles the charm. Katghora city is known for its thermal power station and numerous agricultural resources. Here too, you can find a large tribal population and get to know more about their traditional way of living. Nama Kalan is one of the finest cities of Chhattisgarh that has many destinations in the adjoining areas; these include Ramgarh Hill, Deepadih, Pawai Waterfall and many others.


Gogaon's natural charm has many resplendent landscapes that make the visit a fantastic place to visit. In addition to the natural beauty, there are many art galleries, museums that are part of Raipur district of which Gogaon is a part. At Dongargaon, Bamleshwari Devi shrines are worth visiting. Its abundant natural resources and gorgeous beauty welcome the visitors by their charisma.


Cities of Chhattisgarh are nice getaways; enjoy their splendor along with exotic tribal life whose roots are as deep as the origin of this state.

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