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Chhattisgarh Places to see CHHARCHHA

Quick Bytes :

Location : Chhattisgarh

Languages : Chhatisgarhi, Hindi

Climate : Moderately Tropical

Major Attractions : Natural Sceneries

Best Visiting Time : Months between November to March

Chharchha city lies in Koriya district of Chhattisgarh. It is sparsely populated and as per the census, male population is much more than that of female ones; but the difference is not very wide. Koriya district abounds in sites of excavation and a number of tourist destinations.

Attractions :

There are several tourist attractions that are present in the area surrounding Chharchha:

Natural Splendor :


The strikingly beautiful sceneries formed by dense forests and thundering waterfalls make Koriya a fantastic destination to visit. Visit one of its fascinating waterfalls like Ramdaha, Gavar Ghat, and Amrit Dhara offer excellent picnicking opportunities. Its massive forest reserves paint a beautiful canvas of the district.

Coal Mines :


If interested, you can visit one of its coal mines which are present at Hasdev, Chirimiri, and Baikunthpur. These mines have played a significant role in stabilizing the economy of the district.

Archeological Sites :


Excavations at the place have led to the unearthing of a number of archeological sites like Gangirani, Ghaghara, Jogi Math, and Rock Painting of Bardara.

Guru Ghasidas National Park : If you are nature enthusiasts, this place is a haven for you. Characterized by deep forests, green plains, and several rivers, the National Park has a wide range of wild life living in its precincts. Here, predators can be found roaming about freely in their natural habitats. This protected area is inhabited by animals like sloth bear, monkey, chinkara, tiger, jungle cat, hyena, and leopard. While on a tour to Chharchha, visit this fascinating treasure of nature.

Tribals :

The tribes like Kols and Gonds inhabited the district. Later on, they were joined by several other communities that finally settled here. These included Sahu, Oraon, Ahir, Gwalas, Kahars, Kunbi, Koir, Gadaria, Aggarwals, Guptas, and Jains, to name a few.

Festivals :

Denizens of Chharchha celebrate many festivals; these festivities are mirror of their age-old culture. The important festivals that are part of their life are Chherta, Karma, and Ganga Dussehra.

Dances :

Music and dance is an important part of Culture of the district. Karma is a dance form that is performed upon the completion of harvest season. Saila dance is performed in groups; villagers visit adjoining places and join other dancers there. It is played using sticks and moving about in circular direction.

In the recent years, the city has seen a tremendous progress in social and economical development; but the balance between old is new is still maintained at this land of tribals.

Accommodation :

As such no major accommodation is available at Chharchha itself. You can stay at one of the guesthouses provided by PWD. Nagar Nigam and Forest Department also provide guest houses for tourists.

Chharchha, like other cities of Chhattisgarh, is known for its valuable natural wealth and tribal culture.

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