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More than the states we have in India, the double or you can even say thrice the number of Fairs and Festivals we have that we can celebrate, showing the rich and varied culture of the states. India is multihued with culture, so how can Chhattisgarh stay back in Fairs and Festivals. Chhattisgarh is popular as a territory of tribals and is renowned for its stunning scenic beauty. You will find a plethora of Fairs and Festivals of Chhattisgarh. The fairs and festivals are celebrated for the people to come together, these festivals bring in colors to the lives of people, and they also become a reason to enjoy. When there is a festival nearing you can feel the essence in the air before the festival is on its way.

Off all the fairs and festivals of Chhattisgarh, the festival which is celebrated is Dussehra which is celebrated with great ceremony and ostentation. This festival has its own place of celebration in Chhattisgarh even though it is celebrated in many states, but in this state you can see a different scene when the entire India is burning the Ravan, here in Chhattisgarh you can see people celebrate this festival in the honour of Danteshwari Goddesses. Most of the participants in this festival are the tribal crowd. There is also one more long fair of 15 days which is celebrated with great enthusiasm, this is the fair of Rajim Lochan Mahostav, on the occasion of this auspicious festival people throng in huge numbers to attend and have a look at the work of the craftsman. There are many other fairs and festivals of Chhattisgarh which are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Out of which are mainly celebrated are as follows :

Bhagoria Festival :


This festival has its significance with the gulal used in the festival of Holi, this festival means where lovers can run away officially. After this the lovers apply gulal to each others forehead, they carry a betel leaf which acts as the symbol of their love. The wedding ceremony between two lovers becomes obligatory after running away the families cannot oppose from their marriage.

Bhoramdeo Mahotsav Festival :


The venue of this festival is the property of primitive Temple of Bhoramdeo. This magnificent temple is positioned over a aloofness of around 130 kilometer as of the province of Raipur. Going through the tales, the grandiose Ramachandra King of Nag dynasty cheerfully wedded his adored Princess ‘Ambika Devi’ of Haiya empire, and so this magnificent place of worship was attributed after them. The archeology of this place is well planned and designed that attracts a number of tourists from across the globe.

Chakradhar Festival :


This festival is celebrated during Ganesh Chaturthi that is in October according to the Hindu calendar. This festival is a tribute to Maharaja Chakradhar Singh, the location of this festival is in the city Raigarh of Chhattisgarh.

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