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The tribal dominated region of Chhattisgarh has several tales behind its name. Several people have come up with different explanation behind this atypical name. Among all the tales, the most popular one remains to be the number of forts in the state. The state has a total of 36 forts which is the chief cause of putting the name as Chhattisgarh. A counterfactual statement is also found, given by a British Chronicler named J.B. Beglar. According to him, eons ago 36 families of dalits migrated from Jarasandha’s Kingdom to this land and settled down here. This is the chief reason of offering this name to the state.

The tribal land of Chhattisgarh has been shaped by several socio-religious reform movements since 17th century. Some of the reform movements include Satnam Panth, Kabir Panth, Ramnami Panth and so on. Satnam Panth was formed during the early 19th century and the followers of this movement abolished the use of deities for worshipping and believed in formless God. The followers of Kabir Panth, followed the principles and teachings of Saint Kabir while the followers of Ramnami Panth abolished the monopoly f Brahmins to worship Gods. 

The 18th century AD witnessed several tribal rebellions in the state. The revolts brought about by the tribal people persisted for a long periods of time and were noted even during the early decades of 20th century. Some of the rebellions were conducted by small group of local tribal people, while other revolts were widespread and contained a strategic procedure. All of these rebellions sought for freedom of the tribal communities from the exploitative laws and practices. The rebels clamored for their right to use the land on which they stay and carry on farming.

It is actually the efforts of these long series of rebellions that led to the separation of Chhattisgarh from Madhya Pradesh.

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