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Chhattisgarh Places to see BHORAMDEO TEMPLE

At a Glimpse :


Location :  Chattisgarh

Constructed by :  Ramchnadra King of Nag dynasty

Well known as : Second Khajuraho of Chattisgarh

Period of Construction : Earlier times of 7th and 11th Century

History of Bhoramdeo Temple :

The Bhoramdeo temple is one of the most famous sacred place which lies in the state of Chattisgarh, India. Due to the architectural and structure of this temple is has received another name known as the ‘Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh’. This holy shrine is situated in the region of Bhoramdev at a distance of over twenty one kilometer away from the city of Kawardha. It is highly popular for its attractive structure which was built in the 11th century and known as the complex of Lord Shiva temple. The Bhoramdeo temple is positioned close to the river banks of Sakri. The sacred place of worship was constructed in credit by the Ramchandra King of Nag dynasty and his beloved wife Ambika Devi Princess of Haiya dynasty. This temple attracts many tourists and devotees form across the globe that travels a long way to witness the holy shrine. People who are lovers of history and archeology for them this is the perfect place to explore after the Khajuraho Temple in Madhya Pradesh.

What are the attractions :

There are various beautiful attractions that are worth seeing while wandering in this temple. The construction of this temple is well planned and structured that appeal myriads of visitors every year. Amazing and attractive carvings and sculptures are engraved on the rock stone walls of the shrine. They are originally made from the 11th century which is very famous amongst the other temples. The erotic carvings that are carved on the magnificent temple reflect the customs and religion of the Indian country. The Bhoramdeo Temple is well renowned for its sculptures and carvings that rank the second position after the Khajuraho Temple. Therefore, the unique architecture is also registered in the history of India. However, there are a number of attractions that are within or closure to the sacred place. The most famous historical sites that are placed close from the Bhoramdeo Temple are the Cherki Mahal and Madwa Mahal. One of the main features of this attractive ancient shrine is abundant of erotic sculptures and architecture that are designed to charm the look of the temple.

There is lot of ancient pilgrimage sites which are positioned near to the sacred place, but the most prominent is the Bhoramdeo temple, which is comparatively more famous than others. This temple is surrounded with various stunning landscapes that give a picturesque view to the visitors. The Maikal Mountain is most famous which is covered with the sheet of dense forest. The pilgrimage site is a perfect blend of erotic sculptures and religious belief that seeks the attraction of the devotee. According to the archeologist, the Bhormdeo Temple is engraved on a huge rock stone mainly in Nagar style. Originally, the construction of the temple started from the earlier period of seventh and eleventh century AD. Within the shrine, you will see a big Shiva Linga which is beautifully carved by the artists from the medieval period. The Madwa Mahal that lies close to this temple is one of the historic monuments which are worth seeing. It is located at a distance of just one kilometer from the Bhoramdeo temple, so don’t miss an opportunity to take a glimpse of this site.

Originally, this monument (mahal) was the Shiv temple but because of it shape similar to marriage shamiyana, it was named as the Madwa Mahal. The Shiva Linga is placed within the ‘Mandap resting upon the sixteen pillars’ and the ‘Garbha Grih’. The Bhoramdeo temple is divided into two main parts that contains some or the other attraction. Among the two, one is known as the Ishtika while the other is completely a carved stone. Besides, the Bhormdeo temple, a cool lake is located in front of this sacred place which creates a mesmerizing atmosphere. Visitors can relax near the banks of the lake where they can experience comfort and tranquility after wandering the enduring shrine. The red stones gives magnificence to this sacred place which attracts numerous tourists from different cities, regions, and countries. Within the premises of this wonderful temple various functions and festivals are held that are organized by the trusties of the shrine for the villagers.

You can indulge in several activities held here, which will make your trip to this state more mesmerizing. People hail from this city and some from neighborhood regions travel here to be a part of the Bhoramdeo Mahaotsav. When you witness this temple, you can see that the temple is decorated with colorful festoons, lightings, and flowers which please the eye of tourist. Villagers clad in various colorful patterns of clothes celebrate the festival with full enthusiasm and excitement. During evenings, the temple is lightened with beautiful bright diya’s (lantern lightened by oil in mud based small bowl). In the dark evening, the Bhoramdeo temple shines with glory by the bright diya. A big puja is done by the elders and other respective members of the village including the tribes, where they worship the Shiva Linga.

The prayers offered to god is followed by the ancient period even today, they are mention the mythology of Indian culture. After the puja (worshipping by prayers and name of god) they distribute sweets as a sign of Prasad among the villages. This festival is held in the end of March where majority of the visitors come here. The structure of Bhoramdeo temple is marvelous which attracts not only the rest of the Indian state visitors, but also foreigners from other countries who are keen to know the legendary tale behind the construction of this holy shrine. A must visit to this temple, where you can revitalize you soul and make it pure, where you will get moksh after death of a person.

There are various facilities offered here if you are planning to visit the Bhoramdeo temple. The nearest city is Raipur, where you can travel by rail, air, or road. Regular bus services are also provided for tourist. Accommodation is not a problem here due to the most visited tourist attraction of Chattisgarh, there are facilities offered like rest houses, lodges, hotels, dharmashalas, and many more. They are well equipped and are rated in affordable price.

Best Season to visit :

If you are planning to witness the Bhoramdeo temple while a tour to Chattisgarh, make sure you visit in the month of March which is considered to be the best ideal time to visit this place.

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