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Chhattisgarh Places to see HATKESHWAR MAHADEV TEMPLE

At a Glimpse :


Location : Chattisgarh, India

Established by : Hajiraj Naik, under the rule of Brahmadeo Rai

Build in year : Earlier period of time, during 17th century in the year 1402

Main feature :  Shiva Linga self emerged (Swayambhu)

Facts :

In the state of Chattisgarh, there are various sacred places that are well known for being a pilgrimage site. Among all of the temples, the most popular is the Hatkeshwar Temple which is considered as the highly esteemed shrine for the Hindu people. This religious shrine is situated at a distance of five kilometers from the Raipur village on the reservoir of Kharun River. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is the main deity of this village. Originally, it was constructed all through the rule of Brahmadeo Rai in the year 1402 by Hajiraj Naik. He was son of the Kalchuri dynasty the King Ramachandra. The monolithic scrip which was written in Sanskrit language by the Brahmadeo Rai is preserved even today at art gallery of Mahant Ghasidas Memorial. This wonderful site was carved during the 17th century, which is positioned merely outside the village. The shrine of the Hatkeshwar Mahadev family was the divinity of Nagar Brahmins. They are the most prominent community in the region of Vadnagar in earlier times. It is the most beautiful temple of Lord Shiva, where myriads of tourist hail from far away places to witness this holy shrine every year. The Mahadev temple is carved beautifully which adds more charm to the sacred place.  

The inner and outer sanctum are décorated amazingly that appeals the visitors to witness this holy site. In the complex house or the inner part of the temple, an incredible Shivalinga is placed. According to the mythological stories, it is considered that the Shiva Linga that is set inside the Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple is not constructed but is self emerged. In Sanskrit language, it is said as ‘swayambhu’. The interior is adorned by various religious amenities that reflects the tradition and culture of Chattisgarh, India. There are many mythological stories hidden within the spiritual temple that are even mentioned in the holy book of Hindu.  Inside the Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple, from the roof or ceiling a big ‘shikhar’ is hung highly from the top. Facing the eastern part of the region, this holy shine was introduced by a high wall exceeded by three beautifully carved domes in a circular shape. These massive domes are spread with flat extends in Indo- Saracenic custom.

To see this amazing site and the décor, tourist including both national and international arrive to the Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple to know more about the importance in Chattisgarh state. It is one of the major attractions for tourist where they can explore and experience the traditions and religion of India. Devotees come from various regions and cities for worshipping their holy deity Lord Shiva, who is considered as the powerful person.

Another main attraction of this temple is the exterior surface which is embellished with various different types of ornaments. They are exquisitely adorned with the marvelous figures of the floral motifs, varied animal, scenes from Mahabharata and Ramayana, chief gods of Hindu pantheon, regent deities, redolent dancing apsaras, musicians, nine planets, miniature sculptures, and many more. Exterior part of the Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple attracts thousands of people from within and neighborhood villages. The sculptures are beautifully carved which gives a magnifying look to the temple. It creates a different look and encloses various refections of religion and tradition of India. When you visit this site, you will find this temple similar to Khajuraho Temple of Madhya Pradesh.  But of course it is a small version where the eyes of visitors are pleased with delight by seeing the carvings.

The Hatkeshwar is not only home for Lord Shiva, but it also encloses various other small shrines that are built within the premises of this temple. It contains olden ‘Kashivishveshvara Shiva temple’, two Jain mandir (temple), and a small Swaminarayan temple. Originally, the temple was constructed by the King of Nag dynasty, Hatak was the grand father of the emperor Babrovahan. He was the devotee of Lord Shiva and was his chief deity whose self mortification accomplished was and named as Lord Hatakeshwar. As per the legendary tales, the King Babrovahan of Nag dynasty joined his father’s empire known as Arjun and established a holy shrine of Lord Hatakeshwar in the Vadnagar village. When you see the attraction of the temple you will go crazy by looking at the marvelous art of the artistic from the earlier period of time. The sculptures and other images are preserved even today and are unspoiled.

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