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Chhattisgarh Places to see MAHAMAYA TEMPLE

At a Glimpse :
Location : Bilaspur, Chattisgarh

Year of structure : 1050 AD

Build by : Kalchurian King of Ratansen city

Devoted to : Goddess Durga

Best season to visit : During September to March

Closure cities :  Bilaspur and Raipur

Facts :

Mahamaya temple is the oldest holy shrine which is situated in the City of Raipur. It is mainly constructed in the Raipur’s old fort which is close to the area of Maharajbandh temple. This ancient temple was originally constructed by the King Kalchuri who was the ruler of this city during the earlier period of time. The marvelous holy shrine is preserved in the state of Chattisgarh even today, but at present there are some damages which were renovated later. The King Kalchuri was the great emperor who ruled and captured various regions to increase his empire. A pristine religious temple was constructed by the majestic emperor Kalchurian dynasty who was the king of the Ratansen. Originally, it was established during the previous period of 1050 AD.

The structure of the Mahamaya temple was well planned and designed in a beautiful way that drew the attention of several devotees who hail from far away places.  It is one of the famous pilgrimage spot which is visiting while exploring in the state of Chattisgarh. When visitors witness this place they get awed and thrilled by the heavenly holiness of this religious monument. The Mahamaya temple is situated in the eastern part of the city of Ambikapur, which lies in the state of Chattisgarh. This holy shrine is dedicated to the powerful deity which is Goddess Durga

In this state, there are many tourist attractions that are worth visiting including wildlife, forts and palaces, pilgrimages, and many more. When you explore this region, you will come across to various sacred places that are renowned for it style of structure or architect. But the Mahamaya temple is simply well known for its pristine and amazing architectural style. It is the most beautiful religious site which reflects the traditions and spirituality of India. Pilgrims travel all way long from different local regions and cities, while some of them hail from other countries of world. There are various financial and managerial activities held here regarding the spiritual monument and are effectively supervised by ‘Sidh Shakti Peeth Shri Mahamaya Devi Mandir Trust.’

This enduring religious shrine is empowered with its rich religious legacy and historical ancestry. The sanctified sanctorum of the Mahamaya temple carry out strict spiritual rituals according to the Hindu tradition. Amongst all the picturesque landscape that are preserved on the Chhattisgarh state, the impressive structure of the beautiful Mahamaya temple placed erect with it's throughout imposing monument.

The holy Mahamaya temple is well adorned with colorful lightings that are usually used during the special auspicious occasions and festive season. There are two main festivals that are celebrated with full enthusiasm and excitement, one is Navaratri and the other is Durga Puja. People from this state and other states come here to worship and pray to Goddess Durga.  Holding in mind the melodious tunes of customs and religion of the state of Chattisgarh, the Mahamaya temple is one of the prominent and impressive holy shrines amongst the other religious sites. 
Various colorful and eye-catching fairs and shows are arranged for the visitors and local people of the Ratansen city within and around the premises of the sacred place of Mahamaya temple. These vibrant and vivid functions attract a large amount of crowd who travel to worship this goddess. The main attraction of Chattisgarh is the festivals and colorful fairs that give a fantastic opportunity to the voyagers and local inhabitants where they can see the display of traditional craft and folk art of this state. The local citizens who reside in Chhattisgarh have an immense religious belief on the intensity of the Mahamaya temple.  They also believe that their holy deity Goddess Durga will save them from various kinds of difficult and complicated situations. The atmosphere here is calm and pure where you can experience a relaxing and comfortable vacation when witnessed here.

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