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Chhattisgarh Places to see INDRAVATI NATIONAL PARK

Fast Facts :

Situated : Bastar, Chhattisgarh, India

Popular As : Tiger reserve

Animals Found : Buffaloes, Gaurs, Barking Deer’s, Indian Rock Python, Russell’s viper, Fresh water crocodiles, Striped Hyens, Flying squirrels etc

Forest Type : Dry and Deciduous Type of forest.

Apt Season to Come Here : The month from December - June is the apt time to enjoy the inevitable time in this wild life park.

The National Park of Indravati is the famous and one of the finest

Wildlife park in the state of Chhattisgarh. This Park is situated in the district of Dantewada, (Chattisgrah). The name of the park is derived from the stream of Indravati that flows from the east direction to the west direction. This national parks covers a total area of 2799.08-sqkm. The topography of the Indravati National Park makes up of surging hilly land with a height ranging between (177-599) m over the level of the sea. This wildlife Park is popular for its diverse and unique wildlife. The species of birds comprises of Hill Mynas and Wild Eagles. Series of charming ranges of hill with lush green flora and exceptional and diverse flora and fauna make this park, one of the famous parks amongst nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Wildlife :

The vegetation of this park mainly constitutes of dry and moist deciduous type and the tree that covers this park includes Bamboo Tree, Sal Tree, Haldu, Jamun, Ber, Mahua, Lendia, Semal, and Teak Trees. The herbivorous clans of animals comprises of Chital, Wild Buffaloes, Gaurs, Barking Deers, etc. Some of the endangered species constitutes of Wild Boars, Indian Chameleon, Indian Rock Python, Russell’s Viper, Fresh water crocodiles, Striped Hyens,Flying Squirrels,Pangolins,Sloth Bear, Common Krait, Indian Bisons, Langurs, Chausingha, Cobra, Dhole, Leoprds, Tigers, Nilgai etc.

Access Lanes :

This park is very easily accessible from a place known as Jagdalpur.You can enter this national park from Kutrue Village which is located at a distance of (22.4kms).

The closest airport from the Indravati National Park is Raipur which is located at a distance of (486kms)

The nearest railway station is Jagdalpur, which is located at a distance of (168kms).

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