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Madhya Pradesh Places to see
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Madhya Pradesh Places to see
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Situated at the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh fetches the heart of every tourist through its abundant wildlife, exquisite temples and boastful fortresses. The state displays an amalgamation of three different religions- Buddhism, Hinuis and Islam. Monuments to each of the religion proudly stand on the land of Madhya Pradesh. While Mandu is a unique specimen of Afghan architecture, Khajuraho temple displays the erotic stone carvings and draws attention of national as well as international tourists. On the other hand Ashoka’s preaching of Buddhism is also evident in the stat as famous Sanchi Stupa exists in the boundaries of Madhya Pradesh.

The edifices of historical importance are plenty in the state and thongs of tourists gather every year to see the historical splendor of India. At the bank of Betwa River, Deograh fort is set among the dramatic natural settings. The fort, which was once a place of tremendous dispute during the rule of Gupta, Mughals and Pratihars, displays intricate carvings on its main entrance, walls and pillars. The stately structure of Gwalior is a sure amazement for every visitor who is visiting the fort for the first time. The grand architecture of the fort describes its strength, which is the cause of its robustness. Even after experiencing the heat of numerous turbulent battles the structure shows no sign of damage. Rajwada at Indore was the prime trading center of the state centuries ago. The seven story building of Rajwada stands amidst the market place and collects appreciation for the anonymous craftsmen of the building.  Lal Bagh palace at Indore shows the royal tastes of the Holkar royal family in details.

The royal edifices and forts are not the only gems of Madhya Pradesh as the state has great abundance of natural settings that forms a significant feature in its beauty.

The vast covering of forest in the Madhya Pradesh has gifted the state with lucrative wildlife reserves. The Kanha national park covers an area of 1940 sq km and holds some of the rare wild animals of Asia. The park has made its niche among the wildlife parks in Asia through its beauty and wealth of flora and fauna. Pench national park at Seoni is famous for its tiger project.

The state has great archeological treasure, Bhimbetka caves, which contain excellent drawing by cavemen of the past. The sacred cities of Ujjain and Omkareshwar are of no less importance to tourists.

Plan a trip for Madhya Pradesh and see the splendor of India’s past.

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