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Madhya Pradesh Places to see MADHYA PRADESH CITIES

Occupying the central portion of India, state of Madhya Pradesh is distinctive for being the second largest state of India. Bordered by states like Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, the state is often referred to as "Heart of India". The cities of Madhya Pradesh are mostly covered with deep dense forests and have seen a sea growth since independence. These are rich in natural wealth and have gamut of monuments as well as other structures that welcome the tourists by their antiquity and architectural elegance.

Deluged with an array of historical monuments, the capital city Bhopal is known for being a commixture of both traditional as well as modern. The aura of the bygone colonial period is surely going to overpowers you once you are here. The city has made a commendable progress in the fields of economical and industrial development. At Govindapura, you will see more than thousand industries working on both small as well as large scale. There are too many retail stores, shopping complexes, and media houses that are present at Govindapura.

Among the tourist attractions that speak highly about the grandeur and royal heritage of Bhopal are Gohar Mahal, and Bharat Bhawan. These sites are known for their elegant architecture. Spend a day at Van Vihar and have the privilege of watching some wild beasts in their natural surroundings. Picnicking is a good option at Bhojtal.

One of the other cities of Madhya Pradesh that have too many edifices, majestic forts, and palaces to boast off is Gwalior. Famous for its magnificent past, this land is a renowned tourist destination; it allures its guests with its charming presence and bears an imprint of royal history of which it was once a part. A visit to Gwalior Fort will take you about 1000 years back and lets you roam about in its larger-than-life palaces. Its Man Mandir and Gujari Mahal are epitome of the sumptuousness that was characteristic to the palaces of that time. The city also abounds in temples and other scared sites. Teli Ka Mandir, Sas Bahu Temple area a few names in this regard. Take a pious bath at Suraj Kund or pay a visit to Tansen Memorial. The bazaars of the city are flooded with wholesale items and reasonably priced shops. Several excavation sites have also been unearthed and are a treat to history enthusiasts.

Like other cities of Madhya Pradesh, Indore also has a plethora of ancient monuments, places, and religious shrines. The city's tremendous progress in industries like textiles, automobiles etc. has made it important from commercial point of view. The most sought-after destination that Indore can boast of is Lalbagh Palace. Here, you can have the glimpse of the royal grandeur which characterized Holkar dynasty. The beautiful blend of Renaissance as well as Baroque styles is visible upon the architecture of the structure. Excessive ornamentation over ceilings, ornate rooms, Belgian glasses, and Persian carpets together make the palace a paradisiacal place to visit. Other attractions at Indore that present eye-catchy sites are Rajwada, Bada Ganpati, Kanch Mandir, and Central Museum.

Your vacation to the state is incomplete without visiting the historical city of Jhansi. It is one of those cities of Madhya Pradesh that are linked to fierce revolt of 1857. A land of Rani Lakshmibai who sacrificed her life while resisting British forces, Jhansi is a gateway to some other prominent tourist spots. Jhansi Fort, one of the significant attractions here, has a Rani Mahal and a Darbar Hall. The arches are adorned with different motif designs. The fort is stretched over 15 acres of land and houses temples of many Hindu deities. At State Museum, you can have a look at terracotta images, paintings, and historic photographs that are part of the premises. Other worth visiting sites that are part of Jhansi's ancient heritage include Chathri of Gangadhar Rao, and Ganesh Temple.

A land of Kalchuri tribal, Jabalpur city is a renowned center of education and a nice blend of Mughal as well as Maratha cultures. People from different religious backgrounds and faith are known to inhabit it. Among the tempting fascinations that are part of the city are Sangram Sagar, Shaheed Smarak, and Madan Mahal. You can spend time visiting nearby places of interest viz Marble Rocks, Dhuandhar, Lamheta Ghat.

Ujjain is one of those cities of Madhya Pradesh that are epitome of spiritual enlightenment and veneration. Considered as one of the seven Puris that are present in India, Ujjain is a holy city whose profound sanctity has created a special place in the heart of teeming millions. There are numerous temples that are scattered all over the city and are the representations of the ardent faith of Hindus in their deities. Mahakaleshwar Temple, Harsidhhi Temple, and Kalbhairav Temple require a special mention. Batrihari Caves, Sandipani ashram will take you away from the monotony of visiting temples over and over again.

Ruled upon by myriad dynasties like Guptas, Shungas, Nagas, Satvahanas and many more, Videsha is an important city of the state. It is famous for it agrarian economy and a number of cultural festivals that are part of its ancient heritage. At Udyagiri Caves, you can have the glimpse of a number of rock-cut temples whose architecture, apart from Hinduism, is inspired by other religions like Jainism and Buddhism. Vijaymandira Temple, Khamba Baba, Udayapur, Shalbhanjika are some of the other fascinating attractions that can be the part of your visit to Videsha.

The cities of Madhya Pradesh have a lot to offer to the tourists; influence of the past is what makes them a special attraction.

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