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Madhya Pradesh Places to see BHOPAL

Quick Bytes :

Location : Madhya Pradesh

Languages :

Area : 2772 square kilometers

Climate :
Humid Subtropical

Temperature :
As high as 45 degree Celsius; as low as 8-10 degree Celsius

Major Attractions :
Gohar Mahal, Van Vihar

Best Visiting Time : Months between October and March

The picturesque city of Bhopal is endowed worth scenic surroundings and laced with historical monuments. Situated near Bhojapal, the city is popular for its labyrinthine outlook and multi-faceted scenario. With numerous ancient monuments covering its topography, it easily becomes one of the historical cities. Upon visiting it, you well clearly see a touch of colonial rule that played crucial role in giving it its present shape. Sitting beautiful near two lakes, this capital city of Madhya Pradesh is a subtle tourist destination.

The city has made tremendous development in the economical, educational, and industrial aspects. Its rather modern outlook can also be attributed to see of the prestigious projects of ISRO, CSIR, and many more.

Down the Lane :

King Bhoj, a Paramar ruler founded the city and was named after him. It was he constructed lakes around the city. As Mughal Empire was declining, an Afghan ruler named Mohammed Khan appropriated some of the districts and established a capital named Islamnagar. During his course of rule, he built a majestic fort called Fatehgarh. Later, Marathas fought his successors and managed to control over many nearby cities like Gwalior and Pune. Nawab Jehangir constructed several gardens for the sake of British rulers. Throughout the British rule in India, the city maintained cordial relations with the colonists. It became princely state in 1818 AD and a period after that saw it being ruled by a number of Muslim Begums. Unlike other Indian states that ceded to Indian Territory, Bhopal merged only in year 1949.

Industries :

Govindpura is an industrial hub of the city; there are more than thousand industries that are present in thus area. One of the units of BHEL is located at Bhopal. Mandideep is another important industrial center and is responsible of export worth crores. Lupin Laboratories and Hindustan Electo Graphite are predominant companies. Maharana Pratap Nagar of the city shelters to many industrial centers, media houses, retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants etc. You will also see numerous smaller units related to cotton, jewelry, flour mills, sealing wax, and cloth weaving. Works of handicrafts like batua, zardozi are quiet popular throughout the state.

Attractions :

Gohar Mahal :

This exclusive palace near Upper Lake, is among the most splendid places that are present in state. Constructed by a Begum called Gohar, the palace came into being in 1820. As far as architecture is concerned, you will see that it is a blend of both Muslim and Hindu styles that are illustrated in its interior. Its splendid arcades will keep you engrossed. The grandeur of the place is reminiscent of its glorious past.

Bharat Bhawan :

A center of excellence, Bharat Bhawan is known for its visual arts and amazing architecture. With a backdrop of elegant nature, a visit to it can be pleasant experience. Inside, you can see structures like museum, art gallery, auditoriums, and a theater. The place is a showcase of folk music and Indian poetry. The premises are open on all days except Mondays. The visiting time is restricted from 2.00 in noon and 8.00 at night.

Van Vihar :

This National Park of Bhopal is sprawled over an area of 4.45 square kilometers. This easily accessible park is a shelter to some of those animals which have been brought from other parts of India. Located near Upper Lake, the Park is a haven for nature lovers. The carnivores are kept restricted to enclose spaces while the others can wander freely. You can see here animals like tiger, python, lion, hyena, bear, crocodiles and many others. You can also have the glimpse of sambhar, blackbuck, and cheetal that can be seen roaming at their freewill. The avian species that are known to exist here can be seen in large numbers in the area adjoining lake.

Taj-ul-Masajid :

This tourist attraction of Bhopal is one of the biggest Asian mosques. Its construction began in nineteenth century but due to some financial crisis could not be completed. The incomplete portion was constructed in the year 1971. With its pink appearance and octagonal minarets, the mosque looks impressive to the onlooker. There are three massive domes that sit atop the structure. The interiors are adorned with marble floor and a spacious tank rests in the middle of a courtyard. The pillars that support the hall structure divide the roof into 27 portions.

Bhojtal :

Also called Upper lake, Bhojtal is credited for being the biggest artificial lake of Asia. Resting on the western side of the city, this lake serves a large chunk of population. Also refereed to as Bada Talab in Hindi, the lake was created by Malwa king named Raja Bhoj. A dam was constructed on the Shore of Kolans River and was responsible for minimizing the flow of river Kaliasote. A legend is popular as to why the lake was constructed by Parmara king. It is said that king Bhoj, once, suffered from a skin ailment; he consulted many physicians but of no avail. Upon the advice of a saint, he ordered the construction of a massive tank. A suitable site was searched for the construction of lake; a total of 365 tributaries were merged to form a single source of water.

Archeological Museum :

Numerous sculptures belong to the History of Madhya Pradesh have been housed in this museum. These have been brought from different parts of the state. In the interiors, you can see an enormous collection of paintings that were created in prestigious school of art. Images of Lord Buddha and Alakshmi have also been placed inside. The premises are open to public on all days except Mondays.

Chowk :

Another attraction that lies within the precincts of Bhopal city is Chowk. Here, visitors can see myriad mosques and havelis that belong to ancient period. The shopping arcade present here is the treasure house of ornaments, jewelry, beadwork, velvet purses, and embroidery works. So, spend a little money on these magnificent pieces of art that can be excellent sobriquets for you and your friends.

Science Center : This science museum is home to numerous exhibits that are quiet informative and interesting to behold. The entire area is divided into many galleries tat carry different names; a taramadal or a planetarium is also present within the premises of the Science Center. Opened on all days, the center can be visited from 10.30 in the morning till 6.30 in the evening.

Accommodation :

A few names that offer sumptuous comfort to their guests are Amar Vilas, Amer Palace, Kamal Regency, The Shagun, Ivy Suites, and Lake View Ashok. Apart from these, there is an array of other names that are present all over and offer state-of-the-art facilities to the guests.

Bhopal can offer you a fantastic vacation; its commercial outlook along with the aura of antiquity is what makes the city an important tourist destination.

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