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Madhya Pradesh Places to see KARAM FESTIVAL

Fast Facts :

Situated : Tribal Areas, Madhya Pradesh, India

Feted in the month of Bhadhra and Ashwin

God Worshipped : Karam Leaves

Karma or Karam Festival is celebrated by the tribes of Binjhawar, Majhwar and Oraon.This tribal festival is celebrated in the Bhadhra Month.

The major ritual of this festival comprises of 3 branches of (Karam Tree),as this tree is considered very auspicious by the tribes of Gonds and Oraon.As the branches of Karam Tree is placed in the centre of the ground, the tribal group dances around the leaves. This dance continues for the whole night. The branches of Karam Tree are known as Karam Raja. After some of the rituals get completed at night, consequently as the sun rises, the village priest garlands the branches of the Karam Tree and the legend of Karama is narrated. As soon as the village priest finishes the narration, flowers are bestowed over raja and also rice and curds are offered. The offerings of grains and seedlings of Barley are also provided. The seedlings are dispersed amongst the young lot of the village. This marks the end of all the rituals, at the end blessings are taken from the Raja (Branches of Karam Tree), and the branches are then conceded by all the women around the village.

The Gond Tribe adds a bit more to this festival, especially the girls who carry oil lamps and holed earthen pots to each and every house in the village and they also collect coins and eatables. This festival is celebrated by this tribe in the Ashvina Month. The Korku and Korwa Tribe celebrates this fiesta after the harvesting of the crops is done. The Karam fiesta includes many types of tribal music and dance that varies from tribe to tribe.

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