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Madhya Pradesh is the most prominent state which is well known for its tourist attractions.  Originally, this region was a division of the Central state before restructuring of the provinces. Madhya Pradesh is known as the heart of India, which encloses a wide range of other regions. In the year 2000, this state was divided from a small portion of the part which was removed from Chattisgarh. In reality, the reorganization, the heart of India was the largest state in this country. It was the most visited tourist destination and even today it attracts majority of the tourist by its attractions. When you take a tour to Madhya Pradesh, you will come across various sites that are worth watching or witnessing in your vacation.

The region comprises of numerous attractions including dense lush green forests, forts and palaces, hill stations, architectural and historical sites, pilgrimage sites which make it the most important one. Among all the vital sites, the most popular are the forts and palaces of Madhya Pradesh. They are the most significant one which encompasses various legendary History of this state that insights you to the earlier period. The palaces and the forts are the inherent part of the state which you can experience during the tour to Madhya Pradesh. There are a number of forts and palaces that are preserved in this region, which are valued to watch while exploring here. If you are more aficionados towards the history and archeology, then this place is perfect to take a trip, where visitors can learn about the Indian history.

Main Forts and Palaces in Madhya Pradesh :

  • Jahaz Mahal : Jahaz Mahal is believed to be constructed during the reign of Mahmud Shah I Khalji during the previous era from 1436 to 1469. This palace was initially credited by Ghiyas al-Din, after his father. The wonderful palace is also known as the ‘Ship Palace’, due to the shape of the structure. Finally, the construction was completed and the beautiful palace was erected in the 15th Century. The shape is like a boat which is nestled on the two lakes named as Kapur Talao and Munj Talao. The main intention to build this wonderful palace was to accommodate the female relatives and wives of Ghiyath-ud-Din. The Jahaz Mahal was only habitat for ladies.

  • Jai Vilas Palace :  The Jai Vilas Palace is situated in Bhopal City of Madhya Pradesh. It is not just a palace, but it is the royal residence of the Scindia family, which was constructed during the previous period in 1872 A.D. to 1874 A.D. century. This beautiful palace is nestled on a small tower which offers a scenic view to the visitors. The main structure is built in the architectural style of the Corinthian and Tuscan. The state government of Madhya Pradesh has maintained the house of Scindia family to continue this palace as the iconic tourist attraction. The main attraction of the Jai Vilas Palace is the rooms that add a charm to the mahal because they are adorned with small broken pieces of mirror. While straying in this place you can come across various exquisite attractions that reflect the royal and imperial texture. The large table in this palace is incredible where delicious food were served to the members of the royal family and other guest or kings. Truly, it is one of the most beautiful palaces that offer several attractions within this place. The Jai Vilas Palace is the striking home of the royal family which today is just an attraction for the tourist where they can experience the livings of the royal family.

  •  Gwalior Fort : The Gwalior fort is one of the wonderful structures which were built during the ruler’s area in medieval style. This fort is the most famous ancient site in the state of Madhya Pradesh which stretches around 2.4 kilometer in length and over 820 meters in width. It was the first tall structure that was built in this state at a height of 104 meter, which gives a panoramic view. Among all the forts, this fort is a perfect example which was constructed in Indian medieval architecture. Within the premises of the Gwalior Fort, there are several impressive structures that are worth to watch, it includes the Teli ka mandir, the Saas Bahu temple, Suraj Kund, and various small Jain temples. When you reach at the peak of the fort you can see a mesmerizing view of the beautiful Gwalior city. The most spectacular sightseeing is the glorious sunset of this city. The major attraction which seeks the attention of numerous tourists is for the sound and light shows that are held in the fort.

  • Mandu :  Among all the forts and palaces of Madhya Pradesh, the most famous is Mandu. The construction of this fort is credited by the romantic couples of King Baz Bahadur and his love queen Roopmati. To know more about the legendary tales of the Mandu Fort make a trip to Madhya Pradesh. The fort is famous for its architectural structure which represents the striking blend of local and Islamic elements. It is a small fort as compared to Gwalior Fort, it extends around thirteen kilometer beside the Vindhyas. The construction for making the Mandu Fort was originally expanded in the earlier times of  the 15th century, where the capital of Paramara Dynasty was prevailed over Malwa. The fort is abode to several other attractions that draws an attention of thousands of visitors each year. It includes architectural buildings, mosques, and palaces which are also valued in this place. While wandering in the Mandu Fort, don’t forget to take a glance at the Jama Masjid, which shows a fine example to the tourist where the structure is build in the medieval Islamic style.

  • Asirgarh : Asirgarh is the popular forts during the heydays in the earlier period. This fort was considered to be the most protected place in India. The structure of this enchanting fort was well planned and designed by keeping the attackers and enemy mind. According to the Indian history, it is stated that, the great King Akbar faced various complication and difficulties while conquering this fort. Finally, he had to bribe someone to enter the Asirgarh Fort.

  • Deogarh : The Deogarh fort is situated amongst the beautiful scenic beauty surrounded in the district of Chhindwara at Madhya Pradesh state. For the Gond Kingdom, the only capital is Deogarh which was flourished during the earlier period of 17th century. There are various attractions that are situated within the fort and are valued to watch, it includes numerous buildings, temples, wells, and tanks. They are mostly the oldest and ancient sites that are preserved even today in this place.

Apart from all mentioned forts and palaces of Madhya Pradesh, the list is not finished yet. This state has really preserved the jewel of India in this place which belongs from the ancient and earlier period of century. All the palaces and the forts are worth watching and witnessing while you are on tour to Madhya Pradesh. This forts and palaces preserve the legendary tales of the state which are proudly mentioned in the Indian history. There are some more attractions that you can explore; they are the Datia Fort, Narwar Fort, Gohad Fort, Bhandhavgarh Fort, Rajmahal, and many more, which are prominent historic sites of Madhya Pradesh.

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