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Madhya Pradesh Places to see DEOGARH FORT

Fast Facts :

Region : Madhya Pradesh, close to Gwalior, India

Constructed In : During eighth and Seventeenth centuries

Architectural Type : Jain architecture

Best Visiting Time : During the months of September & May

This is God's fort, located over the Betwa River's right bank; it is at the ending point of western side of Lalitpur range. Because of the perfect and actual location on major way of Deccan, Deogarh was a continues point of argument, here you will get to see various models of historical Guptas, Gondas, Gujarat Pratiharas, British, Marathas and Delhi's Islamic rulers. Due to this number of figures it has become epigraphical, antiquarian and archeological place at present. Derogarh fort's natural setting is magnificent, that’s why for tourists like you it is a real surprise. The entrance of the fort is a mixture of the outer wall's gateway. The fort path has been created by destroyed statuary and undergrowth. Inside the fort, you will get to see unbelievable thirty one Jain temples. Deogarh fort was a center point of Jain from eighth century till seventeenth century. Inside the temples, you can see the various panels that display a number of scenes that belong to Jain mythology, votive tablets or Ayagpattas, tirthankaras pictures, votive pillars or Manasthamba, Jain pictures or Sarvatobhadra Pratimas you can see these images from every side. The carved pillars of forts or Sahasrakuta have been decorated by 1000 of Jain pictures. The very essential temples are No. eleven and twelve and temple of Santinath. The other essential structures of Deogarh are Siddha ki Gufa, Varah temple, Naharghati and Rajghati. The major attraction of Deogarh is in the field that is very near to Betwa's river bank. It also contains Dashavatar temple that is committed to great Lord Vishnu. This temple is very old; it belongs to Gupta period of sixth century. Earlier it was popular as northern India's Pachayatan temple. This temple has ancient writings that describes about Malwa's Viceroy Govinda and Great Kumaragupta's brother. The door of the fort is nicely carved, the carved design includes image of Yamuna and Ganga that leads towards the sanctum or garbhagriha. Actually Deogarh fort is popular for Rathika panels along with 3 side walls. The beautiful stones of Deogarh display the various scenes which belong to Vaishnava mythology; those scenes are recognized as Nar Narayan Tapasya, Gajendra Moksh panel and Anantasayi Vishnu. At present, shikhar's only lower part is left; it is a very essential portion of the temple. During the period of Guptas, due to their fabulous sculptures, more beauty has been added to them. The various images which you can see are carved in grey or red sandstone and granite.

General Information :

Deogarh of Madhya Pradesh state is spread over five kilometers area. The population of this area is about thirty five as per the census of 1991. The altitude location of Deogarh is two hundred eleven meters. The perfect season to explore this part of the state is during the months of September and May. The regional language of Deogarh is Bundeli and Hindi. The prime festivals are Gajrath Mahotasav and Jain Mela.

Outings :

Talbehat :

You can visit Talbehat that is about thirty one kilometers away. It comes on southern side of Lalitpur. The name of this spot has been inspired from village Behat and Tal Lake. During the 1618, Chander & Bar's King Bharat Shah has constructed a very beautiful fort that has a popular temple of Barsingh, within the fort.

Chanderi :

It is a small village, renowned for delicate aspects such as sarees and it also has magnificent examples of Sultanate and Rajput architecture. The fabulous fort of Mughal influence skyline. The interesting and amazing sites are Badal Mahal, Koshak Mahal, historical Jain temples, Jama Masjid and Victory arch.

Matatila Dam :

From Deogarh it is about ninety three kilometers away. For tourists like you this is a perfect place for picnic. It has been developed through the Irrigation Department. There are gardens, water sports while lines of Vridanvan gardens all these pleasant aspects have added more grace in the beauty of Deograh.

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