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Madhya Pradesh Places to see MADHYA PRADESH INFORMATION

Unlike the other states in India, Madhya Pradesh is also rich with culture and tradition. It grabs the different and varied flavor of tradition and culture that is being carried out since the ancient period. The multi dimensional culture and the amalgamated heritage decorate the land of Madhya Pradesh in its unique way. People here belong to the different communities and still dwell in amity and harmony. Apart from the various tribal communities, there are many cultural collages that uphold the beauty of the state.

The culture of Madhya Pradesh is blended with harmonious combination of Muslims, Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs and Christians. Now, the tribal communities here consist of the Gonds, bhils, Oraons, Kols, Murias, Bhilalas and Korkens. These people are of various communities and different back grounds that result in the varied cultural heritage.

Madhya Pradesh has well established as an independent state of India in the year 1956. During that particular period, it was prominent as the largest state in the country. However, it got bifurcated in 2000 of Chhattisgarh. It is positioned as the heart of India. It has a rich culture and varied distinctive feature which make Madhya Pradesh stands apart from the other states.

Madhya Pradesh is termed not only in the heart of India but it is also a nucleus for its varied and the beautiful culture. Diversity is very well visible here. In fact the first thing that is visible here is a distinct feature of people, culture and tradition as the people residing here are of different caste, religion and communities.

Madhya Pradesh is blessed with major religion like Hindu, Muslim, Jainism, Sikh, Christianity and Buddhism. Madhya Pradesh lives in total harmony and peace even though it comprises of many religion, caste and culture.

Madhya Pradesh can also be considered as the museum of India. The place not only holds the many of the religion in its lap but also the tribal communities of India. These aborigines of the Madhya Pradesh has contributed to its rich saga and blended as a melting pot for the different communities.

Geography :

Madhya Pradesh is considered to be the heart of India. Madhya Pradesh has the river Narmada and river Tapi flowing on its land with the plateau of an elevation which is about 1600ft rising above the sea level, intermingled with the mountain ranges of Satpura and Vindhya ranges. The river Narmada that begins from Amarkantak that runs near the Mandla and Jabalpur. It starts it flow from Mandhata and further widens near Maheshwar in Nimad.

During rainy season, there is rich growth of vegetation that can be around the state. The black soil found here is a result for the magnificent crop. The state carries the good amount of agricultural activities. Rice, wheat, soyabean and mustsard are the most prominent crops of this state. Madhya Pradesh carried out the many of the pulses that is around the one fifth of the total production of urad, pulses, gram and moong. The state carried out agriculture as their main occupations. 80 % of the total population depends upon the agriculture for its income. Iron and coal are very prominent in Madhya Pradesh. The iron ore in Madhya Pradesh is of very high quality in Dury, Bastar, jabalpur and Gwalior district. Manganese is also another important mineral found here in this region. The bauxite and the manganese can be seen here. The Panna region found here is very rich in diamond bed and very popular in the production of the diamonds. Marble can be also seen in Madhya Pradesh. The state is also rich in food granaries.

History :

Madhya Pradesh has its origin in the Paleolithic age, when the men were primitive and the people used to live in sky. The paintings in the Bhimbetka cave retrieve the fact of the people living here. It depicts their culture and tradition and portrays the message through he carvings on the caves. If calculated in a chronological order, the emperors that had ruled over Madhya Pradesh are the Ashoka emperor; Chandra Gupta Maurya who was grandfather of great prince Ashoka has established this emperor in 321 to 185 BCE in the northern part of India.

With the end of the, central India witnessed many victory that took place on the grounds of the Kushanas, Sakas and many other local dynasties right from the 3rd century to 1st century BC. Madhya Pradesh experienced the glory under the Gupta emperor in the 4th and 5th century. After certain period, Guptas declined after the attack done by the white huns, who had to face the defeat after long time in 528 by the Yashodharman king of Malwa. In the later medieval period, the state came under the great Rajputs like Chandelas and Paramaras. These rules were responsible for the new heights of creativity and prosperity.

In the later period, there emerged a new community known as Gondwana and Mahakoshal and the Northern Madhya Pradesh under a Muslim Sultanate in 13th century. After this there was a decline in the Sultanate power in Delhi. The entire state of Madhya Pradesh came under seat of Mughal Emperor ecluding the region of Mahakoshal and Gondwana. The death of the ruler Aurangzeb resulted in the decline of then emerged the rule of great Marathas, who actually emerged as the ruler of the state, till the period 1761 with the 3rd Battle of Panipat.

British Dominion than extended their empire to the land of Madhya Pradesh with fall of Maratha emperor. After the independence of India, it actually emerged as an Independent state which was not under any rule. The state provinces of the Bhopal, Madhya Bharat and Vindhya Pradesh were incorporated in the southern part of Vidharba and in the state. Now, it is emerged as a largest state of India with its capital Bhopal. In 2000 in the month of November, Madhya Pradesh has emerged as a new state of Chhattisgarh.

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