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Madhya Pradesh Places to see MADHYA PRADESH PILGRIMAGES

The state of Madhya Pradesh, is a land packed with harmony. Although in each corner of Madhya Pradesh you can find spiritual prefiguration, however, there are precise places, which have materialized as middle of a pilgrim's journey. Some of the popular destinations of the pilgrims are orrcha, Bhojpur, Omkareshwar and Mehashwar. Hindu Temples dominate the holy centers, as the highest population is Hindus.

Though, capability of finding Jain and Buddhist centers in some areas is feasible. Ujjain, was the viable capital at the time of kings and queens, has now turned into a significant centre of pilgrimage.

Maheshwar : Dwelling Place of the (Holkar Dynasty Queen)

Asserted to be called as (Mahishmati) in primeval times, this township in the state of (Madhya Pradesh) sways on the side of Narmada River. This township has a particular orientation in the grand classic of Mahabharata and Ramayana. The supremacy of (Queen Ahilya Bai) Indore was the period when this town saw an important artistic revitalization. These days moreover being popular for their (silk sarees), places of worship too form a chief magnetism of this town.

Omkareshwar :

Omkareshwar is one of the sanctified spot for the Hindus. This land signifies the sign of (Hinduism) Om. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiv and is also one of Twelve Sacred Jyotirlingas sanctified in it. This place is religiously thronged by many devotees though out the year. The architectural style and the pattern is quite unique. This place is also popular amongst the art lover as the carving is magnificent and you can really peek a boo at the rich architectural sense of ancient age.

Deogarh :

Located on the riverside of Betwa, this place is famous as a fortress of God. You will find many Hindu and Jain places of worship inside the fortress. Santinath Temple are one of the most famous temples amongst all the jain temples. The Hindu temples have got a special mentioning because of its artistic blend. Some of the popular temples amongst the lot are Dashavatar Temple,and Varah Temple.

Orchha :

This is a sixteenth century architectural creation by the (Bundela rajput). The exterior and interiors of this land is splendid with a group of many temples. Some of the renowned architectural work that this land possesses includes Temple of Lakshmi Narayan, Jehangir Mahal, Raj Mahal. Rai Praveen mahal,Ram Raja Temple,Chaturbhuj Temple,Phool Baug,Dinman Hardaul’s Palace,Sundar Mahal,Shahid Smarak, and Chhatries.

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