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Madhya Pradesh Places to see BHOJPUR

Fast Facts :

Region : Madhya Pradesh, from Bhopal around twenty eight kilometers, India

Established By : Raja Bhoj

This is one of the cultural city of Madhya Pradesh state that had been established by Raja Bhoj, he was a Dhar's king during the 1010 -53. After this king, this place got the name. Bhojpur city is about twenty eight kilometers away from Bhopal. Bhojpur is a famous place of Madhya Pradesh and it became popular due to its cyclopean dam and amazing Shiva temple. The structure of this temple is akin to the Somnath temple that is situated on the eastern side, it is called as Bhojeshwar temple. The shape of the temple is square and around sixty six feet high is its exterior, in re applicant angles the different parts of temple have been separated. The dome of the temple is very rich but it is incomplete; through the 4 strong pillars this temple got its support. The entire structure of the temple is massive, but at the same time the look of the temple is delicate and elegant. Bhojpur temple's construction has been distinguished in 3 parts, octagon is lowest part, and the height of Octagon is 2.12 f.

The carving is marvelous and royal. The doors are plain in texture; on the both sides of door you will find two elegant sculptured figures. On rest of the 3 corners of the temple, there are beautiful balconies. Every balcony has been supported through strong brackets and 4 elegantly created pillars. Within the sanctum area of temple, you will find the lingam of about 7.5 feet high. This lingam has been placed over strong 21.5 feet base; it has been made of 3 limestone blocks. Temple's platform and architectural beauty has created lightness and fusion of hardness. Bhojpur temple hasn`t been completed; the clay ramp was raising the stones towards the temple's dome. This temple would have been completed, but because of some rivals it would had not been completed. During that time; some damages also happened. Still this temple is one of the marvelous structural architecture of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. There is one more incomplete temple of the Jains; this temple is near to Bhojeshwar temple. it contains about 3 idols of tirthankaras, one Mahavira's idol made in colossal, the height is about twenty feet and the rest two are Parsvanath. The shape of the temple is square and it was established in the similar period of Bhojeshwar.

The site where this temple is located is very nice and beautiful thats why the beauty of the temple automatically gets enhanced; the walls of nature have bounded the whole area of the temple except the 2 gaps, those gaps's width is around five hundred yards and hundred yards. Gaps have been covered through gigantic dams that are facing both the sides. The tiny dam is about forty four feet high and about three hundred feet broad, the bigger dam's height is around twenty four feet and around hundred feet broad. These two dams contain around two hundred fifty sm of water. The temples of this land are the beautiful examples of great work that is credited to Bhoj Raja.

Through the Malwa's Hoshang Shah the lake has been demolished during the year of 1405. As per the legend Gond, the king had required an army for 3 months to cut the dam, where as the lake required 3 years to be empty. The entire pattern of Malwa was said to be altered through the big water sheet.

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