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Madhya Pradesh Places to see MAHESHWAR

Place : From Indore, 91 kilometers.

Attractions : Rajwada, and Rajgaddi Temples

Well-known for :  Maheshwari Sarees

Facts :

Maheshwar is one of the historic temples which are located on the banks of striking river Narmada. There are many attractions preserved in the state of Madhya Pradesh that encloses the past glory. The discovery of this place has left a remark in the heroic poems; this historical metropolis was capital of king Kartivarjun. Originally, the old name of this king was Mahishmati. The exact meaning of the name Maheshwar signifies as the house of Lord Mahesh, there are some of the sites in this city of temple which shows some or the other close relation with the great and powerful Lord Shiva. 

A magnificent city present in the state of Madhya Pradesh from an extremely olden period of time, the Maheshwar temples and other huge fort showcase a remarkable attraction of architectural magnificence. In this temple city, there are many temples which are worth visiting. The carved chandelier balconies with raised spires and elaborately worked entrance give a recognizing anticipation to the Maheshwar temples. This enduring temple adds more charm to this city where visitors come from all around the world to visit this enthralling site.

In the picturesque city, Maheshwar is one of the most popular sites which are changed to a ground of harmony. This exotic temple was build by the greatest queen known as Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkers. The old buildings and temples were made under her rule in the olden times; even today the temples city contributes a flavor of the bygone days. The Maheshwar is extensively praised for the famous Maheshwar sarees, the unique style and design adds a beautiful look to this sari. Even the Maheshwar saree was introduced by the great Rani Ahilyabai Holkar, these types of saris are renowned all through the states of India especially for their outstanding floral designs on it.

In the city of Maheshwar, there are several ghats, which are named after several royal families. These ghats and other features preserved in Maheshwar offers a unique look for tourists.  If you are fond of historical monuments, natural beauty, and other attractions then this is the perfect location to explore. In India, there are many sacred places, which are worth watching where numerous devotees visit this place.  But among all of them, this ghats truly reflects the image of the rural areas in this country. From the ghats visitors can see panoramic views which showcase a vibrant portrait of an ideal spiritual Indian city.

However, the Maheshwar temple city is located on the reservoirs of the river Narmada, where the devotees and other male saints spent few hours’ close to this river for their silent meditation. When you visit this site, you can see a beautiful scenery where the women stand in a raw balancing the shiny brass pots downside to the sacred river. The commuter boats re-cross and crosses which pass through the rapid river waters gives really a magnificent experience that you will never forget. With its incredible temples and healthy climate, the capital temples city of Maheshwar continues to be an enjoyable and pleasurable visitor’s destination, which can be witnessed any time in the whole year.

Places of Interest :

Rajwada and Rajgaddi :

Rajwada and Rajgaddi are the two main attractions located in the capital city of Maheshwar. When you witness this place, you can see a full size statue of great Rani Ahilyabai Holkar, where she sits on the throne in Rajgadd. This structure is placed inside the Fort Complex. This is the right place to begin a tour of Maheshwar, for this pious and wise queen was the architect of its revived importance. Other fascinating relice and heir looms of the Holkar dynasty can be seen in other rooms which are open to the public. Within the complex is an exquisite, small shrine which is the starting point of the ancient Dussehra ceremony which is carried out even today. The image on this day is installed reverently in a splendid palanquin and carried down the steep fort road to the town below to receive the yearly homage of the people of Maheshwar.

Ghats :

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, there are many twisting ghats that draw the attention of numerous tourists. Ahilya Ghat, Fanase Ghat, and Peshwar Ghat line up near the Narmada River, flights of stairs head downwards from the rapid reservoirs of this sandy river. When you visit this place you can spot a kaleidoscope of rustic Indian throughout the day. Many pilgrims and other holy men sit in the ferry that are loaded with villagers who have to cross and again recross the surging waters of Narmada River here. Coating the blanks of the river, as well as, it offers a touching remembrance in the rock to sati’s of the Maheshwar, who died on funeral pyres for their husbands.

Temples :

The Maheshwar is preserved with the historic and ancient background that offers various attractions for visitors to visit. When you witness this place, you can spot various temples that are tall tower and steep staircase that one has to climb to reach the temple. In the world, temples are well known as the sacred place for Hindus. But the shrines of Maheshwar are renowned for its carved and designed overhanging balconies with the elaborated worked doorways. This region encloses several temples that are worth seeing, it includes Ahileshwar, Vithaleshwara, Rajarajeshwara, and Kaleshwar.

Maheshwari Sarees :

Saree is the most common dress pattern of women which they drape on their body and pin on the shoulder. Each state or region consist of some or the other pattern and design on the  sari. But among all of them the most beautiful one is the Maheshwari sarees which is a popular sari produced in this country India. It is renowned for its pattern and design on it that the demand of this saree is not only popular in India but also in outer international markets. The main highlight and feature of this sari is the colors and motifs. The Maheshwari sarees was originally introduced by Rani Ahilyabai Holkar in the earlier times around two hundred years ago. The sari is most popular throughout the states of India and other countries for its unique weaves. It is mostly woven from cotton, the typical patterns of this saree are the plain body or sometime there are other variations like checks or stripes which you can choose while buying. At the mat border, a special design are made like the numerous floral or leaf patterns.

The pallu of this sari is mostly hung at the backside and is pinned from the shoulder. It is mainly distinguished with three colored, five stripes, and also two white irregular, lining with its width. The name Maheshwari saree is derived from the name of this region from where it is made, known as Maheshwar. Another specialty of this sari is the reversible border, which is simply known as “bugdi.”

Best Season :


If you are planning a trip to Maheshwar make sure to visit in best season that is between the month of July and March.

Accommodation :

If accommodation is worrying you, then stop, because there are various facilities offered for tourists where they can stay such as in PWD Rest House or Ahilya Trust Guest House. Apart from this you can also stay in the private lodges and dhramashalas where various kinds of facilities are provided with affordable price.

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