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Madhya Pradesh Places to see OMKARESHWAR

Omkareshwar, is one of the most famous and sacred island, which is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh. If seen from the panoramic view the shape of this island is similar to the sacred symbol of Hindu, known as 'Om'. This symbolic sign has been drawn from the past generation nearly around hundred years ago. The meeting of the rivers Kaveri and Narmada happen here, and the religious gather here to kneel down before the beautiful Jyotirlinga. It is the most popular spot among the other twelve in India, which is located in the shrine of Shri Omkar Mandhata. In the state of Madhya Pradesh, there are myriads of sacred shrines that attract the tourist from all over the world, but the works of this natural beauty is man made, which provide an awe-inspiring ambience with magnificent features.

This exotic island encompasses around two elevated stunning hills that are divided by deep valley. The valley here is separated in a particular pattern that if looked from the top it appears like the shape of ‘Om’, which is one of the sacred symbol of all gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion. Between the steep hills of Vindhya which is located on the Northern part and the beautiful Satpura is situated on the Southern part. The Narmada River in this place forms a very deep still pool which was one of the dangerous spots to visit. In the earlier times, the pool here was enclosed with full of fish, and wild alligators, so the traveler should beware while exploring this place. The amazing pool which was formed here contains the depth of around two hundred and seventy feet below the beam type bridge that was constructed in the year 1979. The construction of the bridge creates a scenic beauty of this place; it also offers an exquisite picturesque view. 

Tourists who visit Omkareshwar can take an extensive collection of exclusive shopping items from the shops that are placed in this town and also around the temple. While wandering on the streets of this sacred place you can also spot some of the collection of many handicraft material and other items related to religion. The state of Madhya Pradesh has provided several transport facilities for pilgrims including regular buses, rail, and air which head to reach this town.

Places to see :

Shri Omkar Mandhata :

The Shri Omkar Mandhata temple stands erect around on this island around the area of one mile in length and half a mile in width, which is produced by the diverge of the river Narmada. The soft sandstone by which this enduring shrine was constructed and has contributed its flexible surface to an uncommon degree of exhaustive work, which architectural monument figures that is structured on the uppermost portion of this place. The monument here offers a striking view which pleases the eyes of tourist with delight and charm. The exterior and interior of the temple is beautifully carved with a soft stone on the roof of this shrine. The Shri Omkar Mandhata temple encircles the surrounding with broad verandaha in columns, they are generally carved in different patterns like squares, polygons, and circles.

The enduring temple in Omkareshwar is the most popular sacred temple situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is not only a sacred place but is also renowned house for one of the Jyotirlingas among the other twelve present all over India. The main highlight of the temple that it is placed on the natural beauty island which is formed by the Narmada River, therefore, thousands of devotees hail from across the world including national and international devotees each year.

According to the mythological story, the Vindhya Mountains implored Lord Shiva and impressed him with the prayer and then the birth of Omkareshwar Island was blessed in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Subsequently, on the request of other Devas (god and goddess), the Shivalinga was divided into two different parts. As per the sayings of legend, among both of them, one part remained in the island of Omkareshwar, mainly in the temple of Shri Omkar Mandhata. While the second part of the Shivalinga was left in the region of Almaleshwar. Besides all the shrines preserved in this province, the main and popular temple is the Shri Omkar Mandhata which also adds a glory to the picturesque island of Omkareshwar.

Siddhnath Temple :

An architectural wonder that reveals the creative talent of the middle age people, the Siddhanath temple is one of the classic examples to showcase the Brahminic architecture. Similar to all other popular temples still preserved in the island of Omkareswar, this shrine is also devoted to the powerful Lord Shiva. Beautifully located on a flat terrain, this enduring temple acquires it’s sustainance from an extremely embellished vast podium with attractive frescos and carvings. There are various attractions within the temple that pleases the eyes of visitors with charm and pleasure to see the paintings and carving depict elephants in different postures. The main holy place is positioned in the heart of the Omkareswar Island and the front of the building there are four sides, where each of them are adorned with impressive decks and enormously stamped figures. The main highlight and unique feature of the Siddhnath Temple is the wall painting of a huge elephant carved upon one big slab stone.

24 Avatars :

Among all the temples present in the sacred place of Omkareshwar Island, the 24 Avatars shrine holds an unusual spot to visit. In this holy place, there are some groups containing Jain and Hindu temples, delightfully designed and constructed with unique styles and architecture.

The shrines of the 24 Avatars located in Omkareshwar offers a remarkable site for tourists to witness this spot while exploring the state of Madhya Pradesh. The main feature of this temple is the architecture structured for each of the shrine; they are made in different style and pattern that adds a unique texture to this place. The ambience here is mesmerizing which offers visitors to relax and tranquil vacation. The attractions of the natural beauty and the artistic art appeal majority of the tourist to witness the island of Omkareshwar.

According to the history, in the 11th century, during the rule of Mahmud of Ghazni, the Muslim attackers had demolished numerous Jain and Hindu temples that are situated in different provinces of the country India, including the Omkareshwar. But however, there are abundant temples that are even today standing still on the island of Omkareshwar soil.

There are various transportation facilities provided by the state of Madhya Pradesh where travelers can hail from all around the world. The closest airport to reach here is at Indore which is situated at a distance of around seventy seven kilometers from Omkareswar.  Visitors can easily get regular flights that connect to various major cities like Gwalior, Bhopal, Mumbai, and Delhi. The nearest railway station which head to the sacred place is at Omkareshwar Road. There are various transportations available for traveling via roads that links from Omkareshwar to other regions like Khandwa, Ujjain, and Indore.

Satmatrika Temples :

At the convergence of the river Narmada and Kaveri River that lies in the consecrated place at Omkareshwar island. This holy destination is strewn with numerous temples that are preserved even today for the attraction of tourist. Among all the enduring shrines of the Hindu religion, the Satmatrika Temple is the most significant one that draws the attention of thousands of people. Devotees from all over the world come to worship their holy deity. This holy place is located at a distance of around six kilometer from Omkareshwar, it is a group of tenth century temples. 

Kajal Rani Cave :

Madhya Pradesh is one of the richest states where the beauty of the place is mentioned in every history. When you visit this place, there are various attractions that appeals tourist from across the globe. However, while exploring this state you can visit the enduring temples, palaces, cave, and monuments where all of them sheer with some or the other fascinating legends of civilizations and empire. The Kajal Rani Cave in Omkareshwar is one of the most popular spot which you can visit in your trip. This holy place is located at a distance of over nine kilometers from Omkareshwar. The cave offers a picturesque view in this scenic spot where other attractions preserved here are board acres natural land that offers a panoramic view. This enchanting place ensures that you will definitely experience one of the alluring and remarkable vacations in lifetime.

Best time to visit :


If you are planning to visit Omkareshwar in your next pilgrimage destination then best season to witness if from the month of July to end of March.

Accommodation :

Omkareshwar is the most popular destination where myriads of devotees come to visit this place for worshipping Lord Shiva. For the pilgrims there are various accomodation provided where you can stay in Holkar Guest House, Omkareshwar Mandir, Ahilyabai Charity Trust, Forest rest houses or PWD rest Houses. People who want to stay in private place for them lodges and dharamshalas are offered with various required amenities in affordable price.

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