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Madhya Pradesh Places to see MADHYA PRADESH WILDLIFE

Madhya Pradesh is the heaven for all the nature lovers and the people who love to go for adventures and are enthusiastic about the sport. The rich and varied species of fauna and flora are found here. All the features of Madhya Pradesh make it  a magical land that it hammers you to visit it again and again. The most amazing is the wildlife and the endangered species found here in the National Park spotted throughout the states. The most amazing and the entertaining part of the Madhya Pradesh is a Safari through these National Parks. The important part in Madhya Pradesh is the Kanha National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park. These National Parks not only entertain us but also helps us to maintain the precious biodiversity that helps us to balance Nature. So before visiting any of the land, the visitors should take care and bear the things in mind about the precautions you need to carry while traveling through this wild journey.

Famous Wildlife Destination :

Kanha National Park :

Kanha National Park is located in the eastern region of Madhya Pradesh. Kanha National Park is considered to be the best National Park in entire Asia. It dwells on the land of around 2000 square kilometers and it is enclosed by the Satpura Ranges. The park has various ranges of trees and immense grassland along with the Sal Trees that covers the ground of Kanha National Park. Grassland looks so amazing when many of the animals come here and can be spotted very easily. Kanha National Park is well known for the Tigers as this place is amongst the oldest parks and is compulsorily included in the Tigers Project.

You will surely remember the legendary from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle book, the Sher Khan after visiting this beautiful sight of the jungle. However, this is not the only thing; there is much to go because this park has home for Barasingha too. Watching them roaming around, flaunting here and there, antlers that gives the appearance of the crown is also an amazing thing to watch out. Other animals that be found here are Gaur, Wild Boar, Indian Wolf, Chital and many more. This park is also a nesting place for many birds with the wide variety of birds; several species can be seen here. Even some of the migratory birds can be spotted here.

Bandhavgarh Wildlife :

Bandhavgarh Wildlife is a well known National Park since the year 1968. Bandhavgarh Wildlife is located in the Umaria district covering an area of about 448 square kilometers. The land present over here is very rocky. The Bandhavgarh fort hill that is located in the centre of the National Park is about 811 meters in height. The amount of tiger present here is the highest if compared to the other places in India. The Bandhavgarh has special safaris in order to spot them. The other animals that you can see here are the Spotted Dear, Sambar, Wild Boar, Panther etc. The National Park also has the historic sand stone caves around 35 in number which are worth seeing.

Pench National Park :

Pench National Park is located at a distance of around 12 kilometers from Khawasa. It is near the Nagpur-Jabalpur highway. It is situated in the lower southern region of the Satpuda Hills. The Pench National Park is named after the river Pench passing on its way from north to south. The varied range of animals can be seen here. It becomes the dwelling place even for the migrating birds and animals. The river here feeds all the animals making a comfortable place to survive for the animals. The animals found here are the Cheetal, Sammbar, Neelgai can be seen near the reservious and rivers along with some wild dogs, Pea fowl, Crimson Bristed Barbet, Red Jungle fowl,Redevent Bulbul, Magpie Robin, Racket  Tailed Drongo, Lesser whitling teal and many more.

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