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Madhya Pradesh Places to see BANDHAVGARH NATIONAL PARK

Bandhavgarh National Park is very small in size yet it is well known for the highest number of tigers. The hunting was reserved only for the regal family from Rewa. Bandhavgarh was stated as the (National Park) in 1986 and in the later period it was unmitigated to the adjacent Sal Forest. National Park of Bandhavgarh has a very dense forest and is enclosed with the Vindhyan Mountain. The plains of Bandhavgarh National Park is covered with grass and the wetland present here is dominated by Egrets and Kingfishers. National Park of Bandhavgarh covers the land of around 542 square kilometers had overall 25 tigers and was noted to record for tiger population. There are also species of Bamboos, found here on a large scale covering almost the entire region of north. The entire national park has thirty two wooded mountain.
National Park of Bandhavgarh is best known for the population of  tigers. This is amongst the area where the tiger’s family Rewa was especially revealed. The finest means to spot tigers is to take a ride on the Elephants back because you can view many tigers from the top view. The others animals in the National Park are nilgai, Chital, Jackal Chausingha, Chinkara, Fox,and Wild Boar.

Reptiles and Mammals :

Bandhavgarh National Park has twenty two mammal species in addition with two hundred and fifity bird species which can be seen in the national park. On the grassland of the National Park,there are chinkara also called as Indian gazelle, chausingha also called as 4 horned antelope,  nilgai (blue bull). Animals like sambhar also known as Indian stag, muntjac also known as barking deer along with the group of chital also known as spotted deer. The beautiful Gaur also known as Indian bison group are found here in the month of (March – April). It is followed with the animals like blackbucks, porcupine, palm squirrel, the jungle cat, ratel, tiny Indian civet, smaller bandicoot rat, jackal and hyena. The reptiles found here are cobras, ratsnakes, lizards, karaits, vipers, pythons. The 2 major primate species are Hanuman langur and the rhesus macaque.

Major Attractions of Bandhavgarh National Park :

Archaeological Remains of Kalchuri :
This is one of the most famous sites with the historical remains found in National Park of Bandhavgarh apart from.

Bandhavgarh Fort :

The National Park of Bandhavgarh area is situated on the hazed hills turns into the majestic form with Bandhavgarh fort, which was constructed in the fourteenth Century. Forts and the hills adjoining consist of many caves that belong to prehistoric period.

Elephant and Jeep Safari :

The natural world here can be basked in 2 ways. Either on the Jeep or on the natures rides i.e.  Elephant’s safari.  The jeep safaris begins with the early dawn up to evening for the special attraction in the Bandhavgarh National Park of Bandhavgarh. A guide from the forests is compulsory while a taking voyage in the National Park. Elephant safaris are planned to see the tigers early in the morning. Since past, there are white tigers seen here in the forests of Sal. This was their favorite habituate place. The tigers can be found around the eight occasions in The National Park of Bandhavgarh. The king from Rewa had successfully dealt with white Tigers found in the region of Rewa.

Best Period To Visit The National Park of Bandhavgarh :

The apt period to visit the National Park of Bandhavgarh is around the mid of November to month of June. The national park is closed at the period of rainy season,( July – November).

Get to know well :

It is better to reach ½ n hr early in order to complete all the formalities before visiting the National Park of Bandhavgarh. All the people who are visiting the Bandhavgarh should take permission from the national park before entering in, this can also be obtained in the entrance. The entry fee for the foreigners here is Rs. 200 where as for the people within the country or for the people who belongs to SAARC countries is twenty rupees. extra charges are applicable for cams and elephant rides.

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