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Madhya Pradesh Places to see PENCH NATIONAL PARK

At a glimpse :

Place : Seoni city, Madhya Pradesh

Coverage Area of park : 299 square kilometer

Popular as : Ranks 25th as a Tiger Reserve in this country and also prides oneself in its species of Tigers and also other wildlife.

Best season to visit : February to April.

Facts :

The Pench National Park is located on the boundary of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh state. This park is well known for its flora and fauna, which reside in this park. The park was originally named after the river which flows close to this place, in the year 1983 the Pench Park was declared as the Wildlife Sanctuary, however it was declared an advice area in the year 1972.

It is located at a distance of over seventy kilometer from the city of Nagpur, which covers an area of around two hundred and twenty nine square kilometer. The ‘Pench wildlife sanctuary’ is recognized as one of the 25th Tiger Reserve in the entire country and it also takes a pride for its wild tigers and some other wildlife. The entire area covered below the Pench Tiger Reserve is related to over seven hundred and fifty eight kilometers, apart from this around two hundred and ninety nine square kilometer is preserved for national park, while the remaining four hundred and sixty four is the barrier area.

The Pench National Park cuddles up into a scenic setting of dales and hills. There are many attractions in this park, where visitors can visit if their planning for a trip. But the main attraction which draws an attention of various tourists is the picturesque natural beauty and endangering wildlife. The Pench River also indirectly lends to a special charm. In this national park, there are a number of sea level regular wide hill Ranges of the Satpura surrounded by this river.

In the summer season the Pench River preserves water in small pools scattered along with its bed, which is well known as the 'Doh'. To the eastern part of this national park lies the Golia Pahar, which is located at a distance of over six hundred and seventy kilometers above the low lying areas. The Golia Pahar is one of the highest hills which are found in the city of Nagpur. On this peak, there are many species that reside and can be spotted if you trek this hillocks. If you are looking forward to plan a trip in such a place where you can experience wildlife and adventure, and then make sure you visit the Pench National Park. Tourist from all over the world including national and international from different states and countries hail to explore this place. However, there are many rare and endangered flora and fauna residing in this park, so one should explore under the tour guide, which will take you to the exact location where more animals are found. If you plan and tour the Pench National Park as per the guide then definitely you will experience one of the memorable and safer vacations.

Flora found at Pench National Park :

The Pench National Park is one of the most beautiful and famous place for a day trip. This park is a southern current dry thick deciduous jungle and it is also a residence for diversity of wild animals and trees. When tourists visit this park, they can find many main species of trees with broad leafs here, namely as Tiwas, Anjan, Tendu, Bhirra, Shisham and Tick, Bija, Rohan, Hirda, Palas, Kalam, Mokha, Khair, Moha, and Medsing. The main vegetations noticed in the area of Pench forest which is known as Kusal, Bharati, Katang Bamboo, Dudhi, Bamboo, Ghaneri, Phetra, and Nirgudi. The small trees and bushes consist of Marvel, Divali, Tarota, Gajargawat, Rantulsi, and Goakru. Apart from this shrubs and bushes, other main grasses also found in this park are the Thikhadi and Sabai. While the Khobarvel, Gulvel Gunj, and Eroni are the main climbers. Therefore, the Pench National Park is well known for scenic natural beauty, which attracts many tourists from far away places to experience peace and tranquility here.

Fauna found at Pench Tiger Reserve :

There are many wild animals residing in this park, they are very unusual and dangerous one which can be spotted easily. Visitors from across the globe come to witness this enchanting and wonderful place where they can get a close look of the wildlife in Madhya Pradesh state. The most common animals found in this wildlife sanctuary are the Pangolin, Common Langur, Porcupine, Jackal, Large Brown Flying Squirrel, Wild dog, Chausinga, Sloth bear, Nilgai, Indian Grey Mongoose, Indian Bison, Striped Hyaena, Barking Deer, Tiger, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Wild Boar, Jungle cat, Leopard, and many more.

Best season to visit :

If you are planning to witness this enchanting and pleasant place for experiencing some fun, excitement, wildlife, and even adventure, while exploring in this park. This national park is not open for whole year, but mainly visitors visit this place during the month of February till April.

Accommodation :

Various accommodation services are offered by the state of Madhya Pradesh where the visitors can stay while exploring in the Pench National Park. There are few rest houses available at this place near the Nagpur district.

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