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Arunachal Pradesh Places to see
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Arunachal Pradesh Places to see
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The dawn-lit mountains form the first spectacle for tourists in Arunachal Pradesh. The mist swathed hills unfolds its beauty gradually as the day light appears. The range of mountains in Arunachal Pradesh will take you far into the northern outskirts where the snow-capped summits near the Chinese borders looks bejeweled with sunrays upon them. This scantily populated hilly region offers an idyllic ambience and tourists spend their vacations in a charming manner. Since the terrains are predominated by hills, option of trekking is plenty in the state. Tourists, to much of their amazement, find wide and placid tarns while trekking along the passes.


If hills and natural monuments that speckles the land of Arunachal Pradesh then forests form the museums of wildlife reserve in the state. The wildlife reserve of Arunachal Pradesh is well preserved within Arunachal Forest, Namdhapa National Park and other sanctuaries.


The peaceful ambience of the state and its inhabitants has given way to the Buddhism in to this land. Some grand monasteries on the hilly terrains form the pride of Arunachal Pradesh. Four centuries old Trawang monasteries stands proudly drawing tourists all over the world.


Concealed within the mountainous landscapes, hill stations of Arunachal offer a good respite from the busy cosmopolitan hubbub. The sweet tune, of the women working in paddy fields and the plantation of the state, is wafted through air and hill stations become an idyllic site for tourists. Hill stations such as Zero, Along and Pasighat are the most visited places. These hill stations are set strategically so that visitors can access sanctuaries and interesting caves located nearby.


Although Arunachal is bordered by the Great Himalayas, yet it not as pompous as the north Indian states, which as lined by Himalayan ranges too. Tour operators today offer brilliant visits to Arunachal Pradesh through their strategically designed trips.

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