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Arunachal Pradesh Places to see ARUNACHAL PRADESH ADVENTURE

Situated at : Northern region of India.

Capital of Arunachal Pradesh : Itanagar

Major Attractions : Caves, Tawangs, Wildlife and Orchids

Best Period to Visit : Through out the year

This is a beautiful land of sunlit dawn that offers beautiful and unlimited possibilities for adventure in this region. There are many adventurous sports that include trekking, mountaineering and other attractions like the vegetation, animals along with the trilling water sports like river rafting, angling, and boating. For trekking, the area Bomdila - Tawang is considered. There is an immensely beautiful Mahasser fishing in the region of Jia Bhorali River that is located in the Bhalukpong and even at Pasighat.

Thrilling Adventure Sports :

Pasighat is one of the oldest towns in the region of Andhra Pradesh that was established in the year 1911. Today, they are head quarters of the Siang District. An officer has been appointed by the British Governor to help all the natives of this region to come down to plan region in Assam for the purpose of commerce and trade. This region is considered to be the gateway for the entrance in Arunachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of around 155 meters above the sea level and the population here is around 78, 000 people. The weather conditions here are hot and humid in summer season and temperate during winters.

River Rafting :

Siang River is one of the best rivers for River Rafting. It can be done seasonally or even through out the year. The people who want to go for rafting can start their journey from gelling that is located at the border of Indo – China and can raft down to the Pasighat region rapids around 4 to 5 degree, where as the amateurs can go down from the Sikri or Yambung through rapids of 2 to 3 degree.

Trekking :

Arunachal Pradesh is situated in the north eastern tip of India along the borders of Bhutan, China and Burma (Mynmar). It is covered with the scenic beauty and is amongst the foremost to welcome the rising sun. This state is blessed with the largest bird on the earth that is around 500. The species are very rare and about to get extinct. The rivers are unique for the adventurous sports like hiking, trekking and planning for a vacation in the serene atmosphere. The most significant point of this place is that the sixth Dalai Lama took his birth on the land of Arunachal Pradesh and 13th refuge found here in addition to safety here.

The beautiful view of the hilly terrain of Arunachal Pradesh has criss crossed with the numerous rivulets and the rivers. It was previously not allowed for all but in the recent days they have made it available for the outsiders. The mountain ranges present here shows the various in its altitude right from 6400 to 1829 meters.

The most amazing feature of the mountain is that the river flows along the mountain ranges only except the place where the regions have steep and gentle slopes.

This property of the rivers is the perfect  for angling, rafting and doing other adventurous sports in the state. For all the visitors coming here, the journey is truly memorable and untouched with the beautiful environment.

Fishing & Angling :

Apart from this, there are many other places like Bodak, Siom, Yingkiong etc that provide better scope for angling and fishing. The Mahseer is one of the legendary and catches of around 20 to 30 kilometers are common. The rivers have cold water and reach the rainbow and the olden trout. One can get great pleasure the way ] fishing is done here in the jungles.

Arunachal Pradesh is a most amazing place and a must visit once in a lifetime. Here, the Mother Nature pours the delight and the bliss in her purest way. A place makes a place in one’s mind and will urge a visitor to visit this place again.

Airways :
Dibugarh and Guwahati in Assam are the nearest airport. The flights are accessible from Itanagar and Dibugarh.

Railways : Murkong Selek is the nearby railway station situated at a distance of 35 kilometers from Pasighat.

Roadways :
Buses and taxis are available in town.

Nearby Cities :

Akashiganga :

Malinithan : 100-km

Pangin :

Along :

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