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Arunachal Pradesh Places to see PASIGHAT ADVENTURE SPORTS

Fast Facts :

Located At :
125-km from Arunachal Pradesh

Date of Establishment :

Attractions :
Trekking and River Rafting, Fishing, Angling.

Best Period to Visit : November to April

Come and experience the ecological paradise of Arunachal Pradesh which was established in the year 1911. It also represented as the headquarters in the region of east Siang district. The political officer has been appointed by the British Government to look around for areas nearby to enhance the commerce and trade in plains of Assam. Pasighat is popularly known as ‘Gateway of the state of Arunachal Pradesh’. The name of the town came from ‘Pasis’. Pasighat is situated at the height of 155m above the sea level. The population of Pasighat is around 78,000 people. Pasighat is surrounded with hot and humid climate during summer and it has moderate temperature during winter.

Ecological Paradise :

Nature is at its splendid look in Pasighat. This place is amongst the most favorite place for photography. Nature shows its purest and divine form in Pasighat. Away from the hustle- bustle of the city, Pasighat has a pleasant environment and mind blowing natures tour from the people outside from this world. Siang, also known as the mighty Bramhaputra slopes downwards towards Tibet. Its covers the entire area and runs through the plains of Assam towards the south of Pasighat, which turns out to be the meeting point of Brahmaputra at Lohit and Dihang.

The magical land of Pasighat can only be felt by visiting Pasighat. This area marks permanent imprint in your heart and gives an immense pleasure, refreshed mind and a blissful soul and addcition to visit Pasighat regularly.

Pasighat is located right in he center of the state. Thus, can be viewed as the heart of Arunachal Pradesh. Surrounded by the river valleys, high hill sides, group of tribes near these rivers, this area has tourists delight and photographers favorite. Pasighat is embedded with the various naturals delight of Arunachal Pradesh.

The Daying Ering Wild Life Sanctuary is places 13-km away from Pasighat and is amongst the few Sanctaury that are situated on an Island. One has to take ride on the waterway through the river Siang to get to this Sanctuary. During the period of September - February, many migratory birds visits this place like Wild ducks, Water Fowls, Cranes, Storks and Hornbills decorating this land as a paradise for bird watchers. Deers, Buffaloes, Wild Elephants and other predators are also found in abundant. The lucky people might also have glimpse of Tiger.

Adventure and Sports :

River Rafting and trekking are sports carried out in the rivers of Pasighat in tremendous manner in the dense forest of Arunachal Pradesh.

River Rafting :

The anateurs and seasoned river rafting is done here on River Siang. You can start with Indo-China border and run down towards Pasighat through 4-5 degree, where the amateurs can propel down through 2-3 degree.

Trekking :

Trekking is so much fun here, rolling down form the dense forest from Pasighat to Yinkiong to Komsing - the historic scene where Neol Willimson had been buried after being killed by Adis - is memorable experience by the trekker. The picturesque of colorful birds and varied vegetation found here add pleasure in visitors mind.

The cane bridges constructed across the Siang River is an indeed pleasure to ride through. This was built by an engeneer R. Wilcox who travelled in 1825 said about this cane bridge. We are astounded by the labor and skill shown in the building up cane bridge on this point. It was one of the best construction at that period in Kolkata.

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