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Arunachal Pradesh Places to see ARUNACHAL PRADESH CITIES

Out of the Indian Northeastern states, the state of Arunachal Pradesh is a unique and most beautiful one. Known as the seven sisters, this is the largest of all the Indian northeastern states. Lying on the India China border, this state has Itanagar as its capital. The population here is not as dense as compared to other Indian states and has lovely hilly terrains. The thick forests and the mountains dominate the vegetation and it is a lovely beautiful state with the best of scenic beauty to offer. Orchids, tree ferns and vast expanses of forests are the main features of vegetation here.

Arunachal Pradesh is home to lovely cities like Bomdila, Basar, Malinithan and of course the capital city Itanagar. A lot of politics and business activities are found in Itanagar.

With Itanagar as the main transport centre, Arunachal Pradesh, the largest Northeastern Indian state, has a great historical past. People from Arunachal Pradesh celebrate this History and tradition here with Apong which is a rice beer and is had warm.

Typically people from this state are recognized by their hair style. They roll it into a bun and the great big knot that is there on the forehead is conspicuous and beautiful.

Itanagar is a transport hub of this state. The Arunachal Pradesh cities, Itanagar, especially speak about the illustrious past. The tribal drink Apong is a rice beer and is usually drunk warm. Basar is an administrative district and Along is the district headquarters. Bomdila is a city which has a Buddhist monastery and tourists mainly come here for this purpose. It is also a cultural hub. Malinithan is a place which has temples which are in ruins. These valuable ruins have today become a tourist attraction. Pilgrims still come here to pray at this temple. Parasuram Kund, the religious spot and Tawang another Buddhist monastery locale are also places not to miss in this state. Places like Bhismaknagar are ideal spots to laze around in the abundant flora and fauna found here.

Arunachal Pradesh, the greenland is home to many tribal groups such as Khamba, Adi and Memba live here. With its beautiful evergreen forests, and the view of the snow clad Himalayan peaks in winter, Arunachal Pradesh also has lovely Buddhist Gompas. With its unbelievable treasures of nature, this state which is ensconced in the north eastern point of India is a beautiful place to visit with its lovely valleys and having the countries of Bhutan, Myanmar and China on three sides.

The warmth and the pleasantness of the locals here encourage you to participate in the colorful festivals that are celebrated here. These festivals showcase the faith of many tribes who have been living here for years together.

After all this, it is worthwhile to spend time in Arunachal Pradesh participating in adventure activities like angling, Trekking, boating, rafting and of course visiting sanctuaries for wildlife and national parks.

This state has more than 80% covered in green expanse and has a sub tropical climate. Home to tribals this place has the best collection of orchids. Today Arunachal Pradesh has come into focus because of the discovery of the cemetery of World War II lying in Changlang which lies near Arunachal Pradesh.

Thus Arunachal Pradesh, the lovely area in North Eastern India is certainly a place to visit and the tourists would never come back disappointed from this paradise.

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