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Arunachal Pradesh Places to see ZIRO

Ziro - A tete a tete with the city :

Location : Arunachal Pradesh, Northeastern India.

Best time to visit : Throughout the year

Local Transport : Taxis, cars, buses

Places to see : Ziro Putu, Talley Valley, and Paddy Fish Farming

Souvenirs : Locally available handicrafts

Ziro - The Tale of the city :

The area has predominantly belonged to the tribes from various regions of this place. The Apa - Tanis are the main tribes here who have settled here permanently. Other tribes are wanderes and go from one place to other searching fertile areas. They spend only five years in one place then shift habitat. Apa Tanis are famous for wetland kind of cultivating crops. The other tribes practice dry land cultivation. Tattoos on the face are common with Apa Tanis.

Ziro - Down the Ages :

There are around 12000 people living in Ziro, the Apa Tanis land. Ziro is the place where there are a number of schools and has the highest number in the state. 66% is the average rate of literacy. It is greater than the national literacy average of 69%. It is a census town and lies under the Subansiri District.

Ziro - A Rendezvous :

Today, Ziro is the headquarters of the Lower District of Subansiri. It is also amongst the older towns of Arunachal Pradesh. Earlier Ziro, the Subansiri headquarters was the headquarters of the Upper Subansiri, Kurung Kumey and Lower Subansiri and Papum Pare. The lovely calm hills which are filled with pine trees add to the beauty.

Ziro - Travel kitty :

With the locals loving to make handicrafts special to this place, the articles we find here are of good travel value. The travel kitty here includes the kind of tourists who come here and also the kind of stuff we offer them. Thus the local handicrafts and works are the main travel kitty here.

Ziro - Joie de vivre in the city :

Whenever we go to any city, we look for the right kind of experience and the resultant ecstasy. When we visit Arunachal Pradesh, similar is the case. The rustic ambience and the majestic surroundings makes us ask for more and we could see the following:

Tarin Fish Farm : This lies around 3km from the town of Hapoli. The lovely farm is at a height where the fish are bred well. During the season of cultivation, fingerlings are sold here.

Hills, Mountains and Valleys :

Ziro Putu : This is also known by the name of Army Putu. It is a hill located at a place where the Army was situated earlier. The panoramic view of the entire city of Ziro is something to see. Besides, there is an airstrip which is located near the hill and in the centre of the paddy field. This is a beautiful sight to see.

Talley Valley : This place with a variety of fauna and flora is beautiful with its lovely vegetation. Rhododendrons, ferns, orchids, and bamboo dominate the place. Besides this the giant silver fir is a perfect beauty. This is a hub of biodiversity and lies around 32km from Ziro. A great Trekking spot, adventurers come here often.

Temples :

Shiva Linga : This lies at Kardo which is around 4 km distance from Hapoli. The Shiva linga is around 25ft high and 22ft broad. Devotees throng to visit this temple. It is believed that there was a man Mr. Prem Subha who was cutting the tree near the Lingam. The tree after being cut did not land on the lingam instead landed sideways. AT that time, the lingam was not visible. When the Nepali saw it, he was struck with surprise.

Orchid Land :

Ziro, the orchid land is a place that has a great collection of rare orchids. They grow here because of the climate which is perfect for their growth. There is an orchid farm here which deals with cultivation and sale of orchids.

Hydel Project :

The Ranganadi Hydel project at Yazali is located here. It lies around 45km from the main headquarters of the district at Ziro. It has a capacity of 405mw.

Kile Pakho : Old Ziro has a ridge which is around 7km from Kile Pakho. It is a perfect pleasure coming to this plateau and seeing the NYIME PEMBU range from here. ON one side lies this plateau and on the other side the range.

Pine Groove : This is a green zone of 3 km. It was found in the year 1961 and is a perfect scenic beauty spot.

Midey : This is an area popular for the SAT-NII PISHA and SAMENII. The blue pine tree is the tallest tree in this valley of Apatani. It lies around 2km from Ziro. The bamboo expanse here is immeasurably beautiful and the trek through this to reach the pine tree expanse is wonderful.

Dolo Mando : This is a hill which is believed to have innumerable affairs between Dolo mando. Situated around 2 km from Hapoli, this has Old Ziro on the west. This is also a great trekking zone and nature lovers love to brighten their spirits by participating well.

D.I.C : This handicraft centre is situated around 1km from the main headquarters Ziro. Here we can find all the traditional items of handicraft.

PAAPU : This is also a great administrative centre that was found before India got independence. Mr. Heimendrof.

Hapoli : This is the headquarters of the Lower district of Subansiri. It has a beautiful hill from one can see the entire township of Hapoli.

Paddy Cultivation : This is a very important feature of the tour in Ziro. This is an innovative method of cultivating paddy. Fish are also reared here. Paddy is transplanted from the nursery and fingerlings are put in the channels in the field. These are kept for around 3 months and fish is harvested.

Bamboo groves : This is a great way of farming in forest. These lovely groves with pine trees with blue on top. This place is also an ideal hiking and picnic tour.

Sanctuaries :

Taley Wild Life Sanctuary : This lovely green expanse is virgin by nature and its diverse flora and fauna, are a beautiful sight. Covered with alpine forests, the giant silver fir and the rhododendron varieties are a common feature here. This place lies near the city of Ziro and is around 32km from Siro

Dilopolyang - Manipolyang : This is a physical feature with two hills of the same kind. This twin hillock land lies on the way to the Talley Valley. To reach this place one has to walk cross Siro village. This expanse of scenic magnificence is a treat to the eyes of the tourist.

Ziro - Entertainment factor :

Thus, the land of Ziro is attuned well. The best time to visit this place is in the month of January to May. In January, there is the Murung Festival. This is a festival of the Apa Tani tribe and is held in March. They also have their Myoko rituals.

Then we have the Dree Festival in the month of July on 4th and 7thn. It is believed that Apa Tani does a lot of animal sacrifice with the faith that it pleases the gods above and so the area never faced famine them.

Myoko Festival : In the Myoko festival, they celebrate with a whole set of gaiety and enjoyment. It is generally indicative of changes and well being in the society. The local beer or OHO is had along with meat. The traditional songs of AYU and BUSHHI are sung. Besides each person sacks a pig here.

Murung Festival : This festival is celebrated in the month of January. This is basically a festival of the health of the individual. Mithuns and cows are offered as sacrifice. Then the young and the adults participate in the PENII SOLIDN and chant the HO - HO without a queue.

Dree Festival : It is meant for agriculture. It is an attempt to please the Dree God. Traditional songs dances are performed and people from all over take part.

Thus it is seen that Ziro, the Arunachal Land with its pine covered mountains in the background is a place to visit and enjoy. On the one hand, it has the lovely Salin Peak which is an Apatani offshoot, yet the River Kele is seen to drain the plains of the valley of Apatani.

It then joins River Panior near Yazali.

With the Apatani people praying to Nature God, the festivals like Myoko, Murung and Dree are common and enjoyed with enthusiasm. The biological diverse features here are also a plus point.

As a person leaves this place, he thinks “Tribal land, tribal language and eternal bliss”.

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