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At a glance :

Region :
India's northern eastern region

Tourists Attractive Spots : Caves, Wildlife, Tawang and Orchids

Capital City : Itanagar

Perfect Time To Visit :
In whole year

Festivals of Arunachal Pradesh is a like a mirror of this state, which shows the actual life of this state and also the cultural side. Arunachal state is situated in the eastern part on the Indian subcontinent, it is known as an entire calendar with a long list of festivals. Arunachal Pradesh state's festival not just depicts its color, feasts, fervor & jollity, rituals and prayers but it also showcases, their rich Culture which they have preserved from centuries. The major source of income in this state is agriculture, that’s why festivals are enjoyed by the residential people of Arunachal, people of this state has a very attached relation with their money sourcing occupation. Few essential festivals are celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and energy, festivals of this state are Nechi, Ojiale, Yullo, Reh, Solung, Sanken, Tamladu, Dree, Kshyatsowai, Boot, Nyokum, Mopin, Si donyi, Loku, Nechi, Nyokum, Longte Yullo, Khan, Losar, Sanken Solung etc. but Losar, Saga Dawa, Choekhor, Torgya, Monpa festival and Mioko festival etc. are the major festivals of Arunachal Pradesh. The very common ritual, which you will get to see in this state and especially in the Non Bodic tribe, sacrifices animals. The festivals has a  fine mixture of the different lifestyles, which are practiced by this state's people. The prime motto behind the celebration of the festival is carrying all the people together and enjoying, because people has been spread in different villages.

The celebration of the different festivals is a specific thing, which has preserved the traditional culture of Arunachal Pradesh. During the months of January & April, people of this state celebrate the spring festivals, these festivals are practiced by the different communities of this state. During the festivals, the spiritual sacrifices & rites are practiced by the religious clerics; they assist it to the few selected men members. Celebrating the festival is an important part of Arunachal Pradesh state's people; it is a prime factor of their social & cultural life. Each and every different communities of this state has their own traditional festivals. Their festival provides much opportunity for them to feel the joy and entertainment. These are occasions, when people feel relax; they meet their relatives and friends. As per the particular festival, they also practice the specific dance forms and song on the occasions. Through the festival, they thank god for providing the good harvest and pray. In the whole year, they celebrate the festival, that’s why Arunachal Pradesh state is also known as a state of festivals.

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