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Arunachal Pradesh Places to see ARUNACHAL PRADESH HILL STATIONS

Arunachal Pradesh is mystical, enigmatic and a magical destination situated in the East Zone of India. Arunachal is considered as one of the main compelling destination for the tourists. The beauty of the state lies in swift rivers, verdant ravines and breathtaking picturesque. Besides these it also has significance for historical monuments and hence another major attraction for the tourists. The state is habitat of mostly multilingual, splendid and variegated tribes unfound across the world. Thus it boasts of a unique home with dense tropical forests, plethora of wild and bird life, altitude meadows and splendid glaciers.

The diverse and rick wildlife of the Arunachal Pradesh includes jungle cats, elephants, tigers, white gibbons and red. The habitants over here have excellent taste in crafts, songs, architect and numerous cultural activities. The gleaming rivers which ramble through the boundary of the Arunachal Pradesh hence add more beauty to the lands. As the state is an important part when it comes to share the platform in the hill station offering exquisite natural beauty. The main hill stations in the state of Arunachal Pradesh are the Along, Pasighat and Tawang. The clear crystal streams, lush greenery surroundings, pin drop silence and lofty mountains are the features when one think of hill stations of Arunachal Pradesh.

Along :


Along is located in the western part of Siang district at the altitude of 300 mts above sea level. It has got wide open ravines where river Sipu merges with Siyom on the back drop during snow winters. In the night more than hundreds electric lights glowing and flickering on the valleys allows beautiful looks like wonderland from the top of mountains. The hill station is closest in association with natural beauty and thus maddening crowd is gathered during the seasonal vacations. The waterfall flowing in between the mountains are expressive that enhance the beauty of the place.

Best Recommended time to Visit : April to October

Major Atrraction of Along : Ashram of Ramakrishna Mission and Temple of Dayani Polo.

Other Attractions : Hanging Bridge

Pasighat :


The Pasighat is situated in the eastern part of the Siang district and is one of the former town that was established in the year 1911. It is also the main headquarters of the Siang district. It is also called as the “Gateway” for Arunachal Pradesh situated with a height of 155 mts. The climate here is hot and humid in summers and extreme cold during winters. The land is surrounded by the exquisite natural beauty and home of the Pasis tribes. It seems that the land is blessed in the purest form by Mother Land. The place also provides great valleys and breathtaking waterfalls shrouded over the hills.

Best Recommended time to Visit : October to April

Major Attractions of Pasighat : Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary

Other Attractions :
Angling and Fishing, River rafting and trekking.

Tawang :


The town is inhabited with Monpas tribes situated on the northern part of the Himalayas and western part of Arunachal Pradesh. The snow covered peaks, congenial climates, pleasant lakes, friendly people and oldest beautiful monasteries are the things which come in mind when one think of Tawang hill station. This place is best suited for religious people of Buddhism as well as for adventurous water sports such as River Rafting, trekking, angling and fishing. It is widely known for beautiful monarchy and nunneries. The place has got plenty of options that are worth to visit such as Buddhist lettered images, tapestries and scriptures.

Best Recommended time to Visit :
October to April

Major Attractions of Pasighat : Twang Monastery

Other Attractions : Zimitahang Lakes, Monpa Tribe, Lake Pankang Teng Tso, Se La Pass and various adventurous sports.

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