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Arunachal Pradesh Places to see TAWANG HILL STATION

Fast Facts :

Location : Situated at height of 12,000 ft introduces within Himalayans , Arunachal Pradesh

Prime Attraction : Tawang Monastery

Also popular for : Lake Pankang Teng Tso, Monpa Tribe, Se La Pass, Zimithang Lakes and adventurous sports.

Language Spoken : Bengali, Assamese, Hindi and English

Tawang, Auranachal Pradesh, India :

Tawang is located at an altitude of about 12,000 ft within the range of mountainous part of north Himalayas in west part of Arunachal Pradesh. The land is inhabited with colorful tribe called “Monpas”. The land is covered with pleasant lakes, congenial climates, snow crested peaks, beautiful monasteries and hospitable and friendly people. It is said that Tawang is sanctified by God as the gift of White horse Mera Lodre Gymatso Lama, the founder of the Tawang Monastery in theh 17th century. Tawang is popular for exquisite natural beauty that hold individual’s attention.

The place has got religious importance as well as is popular for natural beauty which is spread over the lands. The hill station has got countless nunneries and monasteries, several waterfalls, hot spring waters and teem lakes. The Tawang is perfect for religious folks as well as for the adventurous people to unexplore the hidden scenic beauty. The place is worth to visit because of the huge collections of Buddhist lettered scriptures, tapestries and images. Tawang district is the adventurous town with some interesting trails for Trekking and other outdoor enthusiasts. Exploring the glory of the hill station will be fun and is the perfect destiny for religious and adventurous people.

Best Recommended Time for Visiting :

During the month of April to October is the best recommended time for visiting the Tawang Hill Station.

Major Tourist Attractions :

Tawang Monastery: The Tawang Monastery is also popular as “Galden Namgyal Lhatse”, is one of the biggest Buddhist monastery and also second biggest in Asia. This monastery belongs to Galupka faction from the sect Mahayana of Buddhism. The monastery was established in 1860-61 by Merak Lama Lodre Gyamtso. The monastery is situated at the height of 10, 000 ft and has astonishing valleys in the west and south, on east has gradual slope and in north it allows narrow gridge. If we see the monastery from the distance it seems like fort that offers excellent picturesque of Tawang-chu valley. The sculpture of Buddha of 8 m high is stunning that dominates sanctum. It has capacity of housing about more than 700 monks. It has crown as the spiritual life for the inhabitants of Arunachal Pradesh.

The place has a vast complex with 65 buildings, a complete treasure of priceless images, old scriptures, painted tapestries and huge collections of gold written Buddhist scriptures. Don’t forget to visit the Urgelling Monastery, Taktsang Monastery and Tawang Memorial.

Lake Sangetsar : This Lake was originally formed in 1950 during the earthquake. The Sangetsar lake nestles in between the clear and beautiful mountain that offers a serene beauty like hundreds of bamboo poles are been placed all over. Actually these bamboos are nothing but straight ramrod trees which have no leaves or branches and grow only in lake water. No doubt the entire picturesque is breathtaking.

Nuranang Waterfalls : Nuranang water or also called as Jung water is at a distance of about 42 kms away from Tawang town. With this waterfall, there are several lakes associated and hence called as Paradise Lake. This waterfall offers majesty and a beautiful picturesque.

Lake Pangkang Teng Tso : The Lake is beautiful opened in valley of about 17 km from the town. The blue lapis (Lazuli) flowers are surrounded over the lake during the months of October and in winter it blossoms in snow. From the top it allows you to see the serene beauty of the lakes and peaks. It’s amazing to see the god gifted water that flows and disappears quickly when it get touched with underground.

Dirang Santi : The Dirang Santi a unique small station located at the altitude of about 5000 ft. The flora and fauna of the valley is awesome which also includes abundant medicinal plants. Besides these, it is also an significant historical monument and one of the oldest village which was built 500 yrs ago. It is also an ideal spot for the tourist picnics, a famous Santi valley.

Adventurous sports :

The Namjang-chu and Tawang-chu rivers are idyllic for river rafting water sports. Besides these, there are various options for paragliding, rock-climbing, skating and also other sport activities. Displaying the splendor beauty of the Adventure sports is fun and is perfect for both amateur as well as proficient rafters.

Accodomation in Pasighat :

The Tawang hill station offers numerous hotels and resorts which range in between the economic and luxury class. Besides these there are private hotels, cottages and huts that provides ample of amenities for your stay.

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