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Most of the inhabitants of Arunachal Pradesh belong to tribal groups as the state is a home to as much as 26 tribes including major and minor groups. As can be inferred from this fact, the cultural heritage of Arunachal has the essence of tribal culture and practices.

Tribal people hone the skills of making their daily items out of the natural products. This practice has given birth to various handicrafts made of bamboo and cane. The tactfully woven handicrafts show the talent of the people of the state for weaving in details.

Crafts in Arunachal Pradesh display variations according to people dwelling in 3 different zones of the state. The chief tools of making handicrafts and also the objects manufactured show a sharp difference among these zones. Every zone has its own forte for crafts, for instance the first zone specializes in making masks, and the second zone is apt in creating objects out of cane and bamboo, while the third zone displays brilliant Wood Carvings.

The tribal dance can be factored upon the list of sightseeing in Arunachal Pradesh. The joyful expression of the dance movements along with the soothing sound of flute makes Tribal Dances a matter of great display. Aji Lamu, Hiirii Khaniing, Popir, Pasi Kongk, Ponung, Rekham Pada, Lion and Peacock dance of the Monapa tribe are few tribal dances to mention. Each of these dances is practiced by a specific tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.

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