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Arunachal Pradesh Places to see AKASHIGANGA PILGRIMAGES

Fast Facts :

Location : West Siang territory, 12 kilometer from Malinithan, Arunachal Pradesh.

Main significance :
Pilgrimage center (head fell of Devi Sati).

Best season to visit :
November to February.

Major attraction : Sacred Kund (mysterious Kund).

Nearest cities :
Lilabari (67-km), Malinithan (12-km), Likabali (23-km), Along (25-km).

Arunachal Pradesh state is located to the northern eastern part of India, which is one of the famous tourist destinations. The state is not only renowned for its green natural beauty and other tribal communities, but is also popular for various major pilgrimage centers. While exploring in this holiday destination, you will come across numerous sacred places that are worth watching. Among all of the pilgrimage centers, the most unique and famous is Akashiganga. It is the most important pilgrimage center situated in Arunachal Pradesh state of India. This place preserves various mysterious stories from the ancient period that seeks the attention of tourist.

According to the Hindu legends tales, the Akashiganga is the sacred place where the head of Devi Sati is cut down. As per the mythological stories, Lord Shiva the powerful god among all got very furious by seeing the dead body of sati, who was his dearly loved wife. He lifted the dead body of Devi Sati in his arms and in agony Lord Shiva started doing the Tandava Nritya. It is one of the dance forms of the deity Lord Shiva meaning destruction.  When Lord Shiva was performing the Tandava Nritya, at that point Lord Vishnu wanted to stop the destruction of the world. So he chopped off the head of Devi Sati tactfully with the assistance of his Sudarshan Chakara and cut her into pieces. It is believed that this is the place where her head fell, which is known as the Akashiganga in Arunachal Pradesh.

This pilgrimage center is considered to be connected with the myth of Sati (the companion of Lord Shankar) recount in the earlier period of 8th century, Kalika Purana. The sacred place offers a brilliant panoramic view of the glimmering Brahmaputra River far below.The holy shrine of this state is situated at a distance of around 12 kilometer away from the Malinithan Temple. Even this religious temple is also well known as the one of the sacred place of Arunachal Pradesh. To witness this place, devotees from all around India and even from different countries hail here to witness the holy shrine.

People who belong to Hindu or other religion are most welcomed here, where they can get to see a glimpse at the sacred place. If you are planning to witness Akashiganga in your next weekend, make sure you visit it in time. The most ideal season where massive crowd of tourist and visitors you can be spotted here is during the months of November to February. It is the most religious center where people who are a great devotee of the powerful Lord Shiva come to worship him. The atmosphere at Akashiganga is very pure and tranquil where visitors can get to experience their relaxing and peaceful vacation. For a day trip, it is an idyllic place to visit where you can learn more about the Hindu mythology.

Places of interest in Akashiganga at Arunachal Pradesh

Sacred Kund :

The Sacred Kund is another most significant pilgrimage center, which is situated en route to the sacred place at Akashiganga. It is an extremely mysterious place that is adorned with small deities and natural beauty. Since this holy temple is located closer to the road, visitors has to go downwards around 100 meters through the spiral paths that leads to the temple. While leading towards the temple, you can see some glittering or shining like thing from far distance at the Kund. But as you get closer towards the object, it disappears. So it is considered to be the Sacred Kund. A large number of pilgrims come here to take a deep dip in the holy Kund, which is considered that it washes all the sins of the people and also contains some medicinal value for curing any kind of disease.

Other important places near Akashiganga :

If you get an opportunity to see a panoramic view of the Akashiganga in Arunachal Pradesh, helipad is also provided which is located at a distance of 25 kilometer from this holy place. Besides, the temples and the sacred kund, closer to this pilgrimage center there are various most significant sites that are worth to watch. They are the Lilabari that lies at a distance of 67 kilometer, Malinithan over 12 kilometers, and Likabali around 23 kilometers from Akashiganga. Lilabari is located approximately 67 kilometer from Itanagar, which is the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh state. It also connects to Guwahati district in the state of Assam both by air and road. The Guwahati region also associates to various major cities and towns of India by air and rail.

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