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Arunachal Pradesh Places to see PARASURAM KUND

At a glimpse :

Location : 13 miles, northern eastern part of Tezu district.

Significance : Pilgrimage center.

Famous for : Parasuram mela.

Best time to visit : November to February, especially in January.

Other attractions : Glow Lake, and Tezu region.

Facts :

In India, there are various states that are famous for some or the other attraction. But Arunachal Pradesh is renowned for mystical, magical, and mysterious land that lies in the northern eastern side of India. It is the most compelling and first choice of tourist for the best holiday destinations in this country.

Parasuram Kund is the most significant pilgrimage center which is situated at a distance of 13 miles to the north eastern part of Tezu. It is closer to the District Headquaters which lies at the Lohit district; it is a developing town which is surrounded with scenic beauty. In the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the various sacred places that are worth to watch while vacationing here. Among all of them, the most popular is the Parasuram Kund, which known as the famous pilgrimage center. Around thousands of devotees come here to witness this place from all around the world including the different parts of India and other countries. It is one kind of mela, which is held once in a year and pilgrims hail here to worship and get the blessings of their holy deity. This fair is known as Parasuram mela that is held every year, especially, during the month of January.
The mela is organized usually on 14th January each year, on the special occasion of “Makar Sankranti.” This spectacular kund is nestled in the lap of nature at the mysterious ravine of Lohit River, which is also recognized as Brahmputra. The heavenly beauty of this place will definitely mesmerize a true nature lover. The Parasuram Kund is located on the banks of the Brahmputra River by covering the background of stunning wide range of mountains. There are several areas that are meant for adventure and thrill. Not only herd of pilgrims hail here, but also people who are passionate for adventure even they are welcomed here. Tourist can try out some of the adventurous activities that are held here like trekking, hiking, climbing, swimming, boating, and many more. This sacred place offers a great scenic view for the visitors where they can spend a peaceful vacation while on tour to Arunachal Pradesh.

Makar Sankranti is the most popular Hindu festival which falls in mid month of January. At this time, a large number of tourists hail here from all corner of the world to take a holy dip in this consecrated rivers. Among all the sanctified waters or rivers where devotees take a holy dip, the most popular is the Parasuram Kund that lies on the River Lohit in district of Tezu. According to the mythology stories, linked with Parasuram Kund extends imitators Kalika Purana that the Parasuram. It is the immense sage where the sin was washed away by killing his mother and later bathing in the holy waters of the Brahma Kund. Possibly this legend tale, have received another name for this sacred waters as the 'Parasuram Kund'.

Apart from this pilgrimage center, there are various other sacred places that are surrounded closure from the Parasuram Kund. Other place of interest is the Malinithan temple, which seeks an attention of numerous tourists.This holy shrine is situated near the Likhabali that lies on the northern part at the river bank of Brahmaputra. The sacred river water has held the ruins of this ancient temple. The shrine is not only famous for the oldest temple preserved from earlier period of time in Arunachal Pradesh state. But it is also adorned with beautiful carved designs and images of their holy deities, such as the Goddess Parvati, Lord Surya, the spouse of Lord Shiva, and also a giant Nandi (Bull) are believed to be unearthed in this place recently.

Local rituals and spirituality address to the subsistence of the holy temple which is dedicated to goddess Rukmini. It is believed that Rukmani was an Idu-Mishmi girl and even Lord Krishna stayed here. During the period of their running away from the Bhishmaknagar, the kingdom of Rukmini's father was located some hundred miles to the eastern part, along with the Brahmaputra River. Even today, while exploring in this place, visitors can spot some of the ruins of the royal palace which was the home of King Bhishma who lived here. Some of the standing evidences of the majestic palace support this legend story of Lord Krishna and Rukmini.

According to the mythological stories and tradition, this place was earlier once ruled under the empire of Ramachandra. He was the only king who extended his kingdom from the Bhalukpung region on the Majuli at the plains of Assam State. When the rulers of Ahoms dynasty attacked his capital at Ratanpur in the period of 1229 A.D., Ramchandra fled to the Mayapur towns in the stunning hill terrains. The ruins and the mythology address Hinduism and ethnic culture connecting to the eastern region.

The Parasuram Kund is known as the sacred place not because it washes off your sins, but the atmosphere here is pure filled air with the spirituality and traditions of Hinduism. If you are planning to take a trip to the state of Arunachal Pradesh, make sure you visit during the month of November to February. These months are said to be the ideal time to witness the holy kund, but in the month of January a large number of people’s crowd come here including the devotees and tourist from other regions and countries. Before coming here, don’t forget to carry camera with you because there are plenty of exquisite views that won’t stop you clicking. The Parasuram Kund is the most religious place enclosed with the scenic beauty and nature. Very less number of tourists visit during the monsoon season due to the heavy rainfalls river gets overflow covering all the near by areas. Some of them even come to experience the beautiful scenic beauty of nature that is covered with stunning landscape, river, and lush green forest. While wandering here, you can also visit other attractions like the Parasuram Kund, Tezu, and the Glow Lake that are more famous in Arunachal Pradesh, India. This place ensures that you will definitely experience one of your alluring and remarkable vacations for whole lifespan.

Where to stay :

The state government of Arunachal Pradesh has provided various accommodation facilities for visitors that hail from far away places to witness the Parasuram Kund. Closure to the kund, there are some of the rest houses, dharmashalas, hotels, and many more facilities where tourist can stay here while exploring in the state of Arunachal Pradesh of India. The accommodations are well equipped with various amenities where voyagers can spend a relaxing and comfortable stay here.

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