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Arunachal Pradesh Places to see MOULING NATIONAL PARK

At a glimpse :

Location :
Roing headquarters of Lower Dibang Valley District, Arunachal Pradesh, India

State : Situated in North eastern part of India

Established in : Year 1986

Coverage area : 281 square kilometer

Best season to visit : October to April

Main attraction : Serow, Coral, and Takin

Facts :

Arunachal Pradesh state of India is an idyllic place to explore for experiencing wildlife here. A major portion of the region is comprised with a wide range of eastern Himalayas. They are well known and are considered to be the 18th biodiversity hotspots in the entire world. Majority of the people who hail here are from far away places just to experience the thrill and wildlife of the state. Among the entire attractions for wildlife, the most popular is the Mouling National Park that seeks the attention of tourist. The park is located at a step from the locale of Roing, which is located at a short distance of from the Dibang Valley region. The area this national park covers up is approximately two hundred and eighty one square kilometer.

The beleaguering small area of land is protected under the dominance and control of the ultimate tribes; they are the Idu Mishimis, and Adis. The Mouling National Park is nestled in the scenic natural beauty of this state, which draws the attention of a number of tourists. The wonderful national park is abode for amazing animal species that set here, which is one of the attractions of this place. In point of fact, the national park of Arunachal Pradesh is surrounded with the background of stunning mountains that tremendously gives a splendor view. Besides watching a number of wild animals, the visitors can also enjoy the amazing scenic grandeur that makes this park even more attractive. The Mouling National Park was established in the year 1986, which attracted myriads of people every year.

The name of the park, Mouling is derived from the highest apex named as ‘Mouling.’ The name was given by the tribes according to the belief and faith of this place. The meaning of the word ‘Mouling’ possesses a lot of interest among the tourist. According to ancient history, the name of the park was given by the ADI tribes, which means the ‘RED POISION.’ The name derived is acquired from the plant, which is discovered only in the area of Mouling. This park is not only renowned for its wild beast species that reside here, but it also preserves some of the mythological tales that are linked with the Mouling hills concerning the Apang community.

The ecological and genetic features of the Mouling National Park are the classic and unique example of the extensive bio-diversity. This park also balances in the beautiful natural forests of wide eastern Himalayas. The sudden change in the combination of various different life zone or biotopes that ranges from the 3064 meters to 5000 meters is remarkable. It lies in the geographical zone between the humid to cold and is ideal and favorable condition for so many varieties of animal and plant growth. The Mouling National Park is rich with diversity of flora and fauna is possibly uneven on the whole earth. Such type of characteristic ecological and genetic variety is an extremely rare phenomenon.

The climate condition in the Mouling National Park is quite and pleasing that gives tourist a relaxing and peaceful vacation. The atmosphere at the park changes according to the climate. In low elevation the temperature of the park ranges between the degree of 150C to 380C, and in the high altitudes, especially during the winter season snowfall is experienced where all the areas of national park is covered with the blanket of white snow. The Temperature differs from 4.200C to 17.70C at an altitude that ranges from the 2200 meter and above.

Voyagers who are more enthusiastic towards that Adventure and wildlife, for them the Mouling National Park is a perfect place to explore. The park is home for a number of wild animals and plants that are worth to watch while wandering here. The most common wild animal species that you can find here are the Red Panda, Tiger, Hoolock Gibbon, leopard, elephant, and Deer. In the world, Arunachal Pradesh has only preserved this type of species.

The transport to the park is very easily accessible as the service offered by the Pawan Hans Helicopter secure your transport by the choppers at an affordable rate. The trip in a helicopter and by overlooking at the park and spotting some of the wild beast straying within will experience one of the remarkable vacations. While you take a trip in the helicopter, it will purely sense your joy and the excitement that visitors can experience in the unforgettable vacation for a lifetime. If you are planning to take a tour in Arunachal Pradesh, make sure you witness the Mouling National Park which is worth to watch for experiencing wildlife here. Besides, the flora and fauna, visitors can also indulge in some of the adventurous activities since this national park offers several areas. While spotting the wild animal and plants species, voyagers can trek, hike, or climb in the park that is surrounded by stunning mountains. Majority of the visitors come here in the month of October to April, which is considered to be the ideal time to visit.

During the monsoon season, the Mouling National Park is closed since the rainwater fills the park, so majority of the wild animals stroll here and there in search of shelter. While Trekking, you can also spot some of the animal species dwelling on the stunning mountain for escaping from the rainfall. For birdwatchers, the national park is ideal place to witness because apart from only animal and plant species, it also abode a wide range of beautiful two winged bird species. There are so many varieties of birds that are worth watching while straying in the famous Mouling National Park of Arunachal Pradesh in India.

Where to stay :

The state government of Arunachal Pradesh has offered numerous accommodation facilities for tourist where they can stay near the Mouling National Park. Since there are various different options for visitors to stay, you can choose any one of them such as in hotels, lodges, rest houses, circuit house, PWD and Forest Inspection Bungalows and many more. They all are well equipped with the facilities and services along with the amenities required by the travelers. By staying in the accommodations that are available close to the park, tourists will definitely experience one of their relaxing and comfortable vacations for lifetime in Arunachal Pradesh of India.

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