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Arunachal Pradesh Places to see NAMDAPHA NATIONAL PARK

At a glimpse :

Location : Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Established : Year 1972 as national park, and 1983 as tiger reserve

Closest city : Miao

Coverage area : 1,985.23 Square kilometer

Temperature : Changes from 37 to 8 Degree Celsius

Nearest reservoir : Brahmaputra River

Best time to visit : During the month of October and April

Facts :

Located in the district of Changlang, the Namdapha National Park is the most popular tourist destination in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. This park is renowned for a rich variety of flora and fauna that have their habitat in the Indian Subcontinent. There are diversity of flora and fauna due to the biogeographically location which lies amongst the Indo-Chinese sub area. It is also placed at a great altitude disparity at the highest point of 4, 500 meters at Daphabum, and lowest valleys around 200 meters. The national park is enclosed with a wide range of huge mountainous areas and is exhausted by Noa-Dehing, Namdapha River, and Deban. At the lower point, there is a developed area which is comprised with extremely tangled abundance of the tropical rainforest with various vegetations. While exploring in the national park, you can spot some of the trees and plants in the tropical rainforest, they are dense bamboo stands, tall cane, mixed huge creepers, Mekai trees, Hollong, and Hollock.

Above the area in this park, there is a deciduous forest, with moderate and highland forest which is elaborated still, where visitors can see herbs and bushes, Pine Betula, Magnolia, and Oak that grow in extreme profusion. Namdapha National Park is renowned for its botanical sanctuary with around one hundred and fifty species of trees and other flowers species that grow here. Orchids are the most popular flower species which you can find here, the most rare and endangered one is the Blue Vanda. This enchanting national park is not only home for the species of flora and fauna, but it also comprises the birdlife, reptiles, and other creatures. Tourists who are more aficionado towards Adventure for them this is the perfect place to explore in Arunachal Pradesh. The national park is well famous for its wildlife of this state in India, which offers several areas to experience adventure and thrill. The Namdapha National Park is also abode for the birdlife, including the local and migratory.

If you are a birdwatchers, make sure to witness this national park where you can spot various species of birds that nestle in the deciduous rainforest, they are White winged wood Duck, Forest Eagle Owl, Giant Hornbill, Monal Pheasants, Kalij, Satyr Tragopan, and many more. All these bird species are very rare and endangered that are worth to watch them while wandering in this thick forest. But you should be cautious because in this forest park, you can also find some of the rare species of reptiles, they are King Cobra, Reticulated Python, Indian Python, and a lot more. It is the best place to experience you thrill and excitement by watching at the mammals that stray here and there. The national park also hosts the richest diversity of mammals that dwell here, they are fours species of cats such as, the Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, and a large number of Hoolock Gibbon. Temperature at this place changes from 37 to 8 Degree Celsius.

There are three options for tourist to explore the park, they are jeep safari, elephant ride, or they can walk on foot. You can choice any one of them which will make your trip more alluring and unforgettable. If you are planning to take a trip in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, make sure you witness the Namdapha National Park for experiencing the wildlife and thrill side of India. The ideal time to witness this park with your family and friends is in the month of October and April. During these months a mass crowd of tourist hails here from all corners of the world to glance this tourist spot of Arunachal Pradesh in India.

Flora and Fauna :

The Namdapha National Park is one of the beautiful places which possess tropical rainforest that preserves rich species of flora and fauna. According to the researchers, this forest is a great biodiversity that are worth watching and to experiment in their scientific study. For botanical resource, it took around fifty years for a comprehensive survey. The park also host over 150 species of timber species that are lined in a row. The Abies delavavi and Pinus merkusi are the two most popular species that are found only in this park and not in another place of India. Medicative plants are also grown in extreme abundant that are most famous in local areas, they are Mishimi Teeta or (copti Teeta). The tribal of Changlang use this medicinal plant as a source to heal all types of disease, but recently the export of this plant is banned.

Due to the diverse vegetations and home ground of Namdapha National Park it hosts a wide range of bird and animals species. In the whole world, the Namdapha is the only park which dwells four catlike species, they are the Clouded Leopard (Neofelis Nebulosa), Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia), Leopard (Panthera Pardus), and Tiger (Panthera Tigris). Visitors can also spot some of the other lesser cats that are dangerous and that have their habitat here. Other than the catlike species, the national park also hosts primate species that are seen here, such as the Stump tailed macaque, pig tailed macaque, Assamese macaque, and a large number of Hoolock Gibbons that is Hylobates Hoolock. Extremely endangered and merely ape species originated in India lives in this dense virgin forest. This park is not only popular for its endangered and rare species, but it dwells with the common animal species like the reptiles, diverse deer species, Indian Bison, black bear, elephant, and other different creatures.

Places of interest in Namdapha National Park :

Firmbase :

Firmbase is situated on the river bank of Noa- Dehing, which lies at a distance of 25 kilometer from the Deban Forest rest house. This spot is a perfect place for camping which is enclosed with splendid natural beauty. The pathway that leads to the pleasant spot is covered with rich dense forest and while Trekking you will come across some of the not uncommon wild animals and bird’s species on the way. If you are planning to take a trip to this place, especially to camp just to experience thrill and wildlife, Firmbase is an idyllic spot to explore. Various facilities are provided by the Forest Department like tour guide and required equipments that are needed while camping here to make your unique vacation.

Deban :

Deban is the most beautiful place which is nestled on the river bank of Noa-Dihing for forest camp. This place of interest is situated within the border of the Namdapha National Park. By overlooking at the Noa-Dihing River, it offers a scenic natural beauty, which voyagers can enjoy by visiting here. If you want to try out some of the adventure activities, this ideal spot where you can do hiking, trekking, and even angling on the Noa- Dihing River.

Hornbill :

Horning ground, just situated at a distance of 9 kilometers from Deban. This place is renowned for its hornbills species that dwell here and mass of this birds are spotted frequently flying form one place to another.

Gandhigram :

This famous spot is located in the southern east fringe of Namdapha. It is the last and remotest town in India stucked Myanmar and China. The village is home land of the Lisu (Yobin) tribe and is located at a short distance of around 120 kilometer from Deban. People who are extremely enthusiastic towards adventure for them it is an idyllic place to trek in the lush green forest, which will make your trip most remarkable one.

Camera Point :

The camping site in the Namdapha National Park is a vantage point, which offers breathtaking views of the lush green jungle, stunning landscapes, and other attractions that are worth watching. This scenic view is a perfect point to capture the natural beauty of Arunachal Pradesh state in your camera to keep as a memory.

Motijheel :

Within the Namdapha National Park, there are couples of large jungle encased aquifers in Motijheel. This small jheel provides a grazing meadow for an extensive range of herbivores species. If you want to witness this place, visitors have to trek 5 kilometers form the Gibbonsland, which leads to this enthralling site that is absolutely a feast for the bird watchers.

Bulbulia :

Bulbulia is the most enchanting site for camping where visitors can overlook a large number of aquifer, where the name itself derives from its numerous natural springs. You are enough lucky to get an chance to stay in this national park overnight where you can experience close up encounters with the wild animals haunting near the ponds in dark night.

Haldibari :

Haldibari is one of the most amazing camping spot which offers a picturesque view for the voyagers. This place is beautifully nestled in the lap of nature; it is located at a distance of around 5 kilometer away from the Deban, which lies across the bank of river Noa-Dehing. To reach this spot, boat facilities are available which will make you to cross this rapid flowing river. If you get an opportunity, you can stay overnight in this place by camping in the dense jungle where you can enjoy an alluring and remarkable vacation.

Where to stay :

If you are worrying about where to stay in Namdapha National Park, then one should stop concerning.This park offers various facilities for accommodation with all well equipped amenities. There are so many that visitors can choose any one of them to stay like rest house in Namchik and government tourist lodge at Miao. Some of the general rest houses are also available in Namdapha areas at Haldibari region. The rest house are surrounded by the stunning landscapes that are covered with sheets of green trees and plants. This park is suited only for those people who are diehard watchers of mammals. Association inside the park is totally restricted, due to very few of the trails placed here. The vegetation in this park is dense, thus limiting visibility and movement. The accommodation is well served with all the equipments in an affordable price.

Note :

If you are planning to witness the Namdapha National Park, make sure you have the permit letter which is required to enter the park in Arunachal Pradesh. For the inner line, you can receive from the Home Ministry of New Delhi within 8 to 12 weeks beforehand. Make sure to apply it as soon as possible before visiting this state of India.

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