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Assam Places to see AKASHIGANGA

Akashiganga - A Tete a Tete with the City :

Location :
Northeastern India, Nagaon District, Assam

Best Time to Visit :
November to February

Places to see : Sacred Kund, Waterfalls

Souvenirs :
Local Assam handicrafts, Assam silk.

Akashiganga - The Tale of the City :

Legend has it that Lord Shiva wandered with Parvati or Sati’s dead corpse and had to be taken out of his sorrow. So Lord Vishnu, cut the body into a hundred pieces and one of these pieces fell in the place which is today known as Akashi Ganga. So it is regarded as a sacred place.

Akashiganga - Down the Ages :

Down the Ages, Akashiganga, the blessing of Goddess Parvati situated in the district of Nagaon on the Dimapur - Dabaka highway has come to be a great scenic spot with the River Brahmaputra flowing across and adding on to the beauty. The legend attached with this place makes it a wanted tourist spot and people also come here to visit the sacred kund to wash their sins away.

Akashiganga - A Rendezvous :

With lovely surroundings and beautiful backgrounds, Akashiganga, the Sati land, is a beautiful tourist spot. A rendezvous with this place would reveal majestic peaks, waterfalls and splendid constructions. There are innumerable temples made of stone here that have exquisite carvings and historical tales behind them. This is also a spot preferred by people coming to have a picnic and people interested in pilgrim and spiritual experience also love to come here.

Akashiganga - Travel Kitty :

A person visiting Akashiganga, the place of the sacred kund would have stupendous sites to take back as memories and lovely wildlife to remember. This is the place where the wild elephants are found and this is the v venue for most of the pilgrims. The travel kitty involves collecting all this and also taking back the lovely handicrafts of Assam.

Akashiganga - Joie de Vivre in the City :

With its scenic beauty, and idyllic surroundings, Akashiganga offers the best for the tourist and gives the traveler a taste of Nature in full flow. The exquisite ambience, the lovely surroundings and the beautiful atmosphere render the tourists enthralled with the entire experience.

Waterfalls :

Akashi ganga has a gigantic waterfall. There are lot of temples and their ruins at the base of the waterfalls. All these are of archaeological importance. These ruins are ruins of the 12th century.

Picnic Spots :

This place is a famous picnic spot. The beautiful surroundings, the serene blue sky, and the still waters make this place a favored picnic spot.

Pilgrim Centre :

This is also a place where there are lot of temples, pilgrim spots and religious places here. Innumerable temples of modern architectural style have also come up here. So Akashiganga is a much preferred pilgrimage spot for many devotees.

Wildlife :

Akashiganga is famous for its wild life. There are vast areas of wildlife found here. The wild elephants here are very famous. But many times they are also a menace and this is also well known by the locals and also the tourists visiting this place.

The Sacred Well :

Also known as the sacred kund, this lies at the base of a path that winds up like a spiral. At a distance one can see an object shining in the kund, but when a person comes nearer then the object suddenly is not visible. Many pilgrims come here to take a holy bath.

Thus Akashiganga, with its historical tale and mythological background, immense beauty and majestic surroundings is a tourist’s delight and a traveler’s feast.

As one leaves this place one thinks “Spiritual is the mind that visits this place.”

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