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Assam Places to see DHUBRI

Dhubri - A Tete a Tete with the City :

Location : Northeastern India, Dhubri district, Assam.

Founded in : 1883

Best Time to Visit : November to February

Places to See : Gurudwara, Panchpeer Dargah

Souvenirs : Local handicrafts

Dhubri - The Tale of the City :

Dhubri takes its origin from the lady Netai Dhubuni. It is another version of Dhubri. The Bodos and the Kacharis believe that Dhubri is a Bodo word, and comes from the word dubra which is a variety of grass. The rulers of Bengal were in charge of Dhubri in the 18th century, then in the year 1874, the Assam Province added the district of Goalpara. Goalpara had Kokrajhar, Goalpara and Dhubri under it. Dhubri became the headquarters in the year 1879. Dhubri is present in the place where the River Brahmaputra flows towards the country of Bangladesh. There is a legend all over Assam – the Lakhinder – Beula legend. Dhubri is associated with this legend.

Dhubri - Down the Ages :

Down the ages, after the Indian independence Dhubri a major centre for commerce and trade activities in the port, became an illegal route for militant to come to the other part of the border. Today, Dhubri is more famous for its Gurudwara and it is the place where the Ninth Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur and the Founder of Sikhism Guru Nanak visited. Dhubri today is also famous as an earlier jute centre.

Dhubri - A Rendezvous :

Situated on the banks of the River Brahmaputra, Dhubri also lies along the River Gadadhar. It was earlier a Municipality in the 18th century and lies around 290km from Guwahati.

Dhubri - Travel Kitty :

As one enters the city of Dhubri, the legendary city , one is filled with a sense of intrigue and calm - Intrigue because of the legend surrounding this city and calm because of the peaceful surroundings. Assam is famous for its silk and its handicrafts. So the travel kitty here involves getting this stuff. This added to the ambience around gives the traveler the best travel kitty.

Dhubri - Joie de Vivre in the City :

The joie de vivre of visiting Dhubri, the shrine city is the legend surrounding the city. This city is also the headquarters of the district of the same name. It lies in the western part of Assam. It is surrounded by water on three sides and land one side. It is a major halt on the riverside for travelers coming from the west and the east. The River Brahmaputra traverses the city and enhances the joie de vivre here. One who comes here can see the following :

Religious Spots :

Gurudwara :


This is related to Guru Teg Bahadur Singh was the 10th leader of the Sikhs. He escorted the army of the General of the Mughals Ram Singh in invading Assam in the 16th century. He founded the first Sikh religious place of worship or Gurudwara in this place. The religious monument has in its place today a magnificent monument and it is a major landmark of the city of Dhubri today.

The Dargah :


The Dargah of Panchpeer was built on top of whatever remained of the Muslim Saints who had visited the State of Assam in 17 AD. The shrine is very popular as it is revered by both the Muslims and the Hindus.

Educational Institution :


The city of Dhubri is a place which is famous for having the prestigious old college in the western part of the State of Assam. Besides the B. N. College, the other colleges like B.T. College and Dhubri Law College. The B. N College was founded in the year 1946.

Nature Resorts :

Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary : The city of Dhubri boasts of being a part of the district that is known as the Wildlife area of Assam. Being the youngest of all sanctuaries, this spreads over an area of more than 12,000 acres. The Presbytis geei or the Golden Langur, as well as varieties of shrubs, trees mammals, birds etc are found here besides insects and reptiles. It was founded in the year 1994. It is around 219 km from Guwahati. The civet cat, flying squirrel, pangoline, mongoose, porcupine, etc are other animals found here. This sanctuary has the uniqueness of having a varied kind of ecological living.

Howhowi Jhora and Bamuni Jhora : These are two springs in Dhubri which flow through the year round. Their dazzling water and splashes all around is a mainstay of tourism in Assam. The scenic elegance of this place gives the tourist a lot of nostalgia to take back.

Wetlands: There are two wetlands- Dhiplai and Dhir which are going to be made a part of the Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary.

Towns :

Panbari :


Panbari, the Mughal beauty is a small quiet region and is famous for the mosque and also Alamganj. At Alamganj one finds the huge wall and a well which belong to the establishment of the Idgahs. Dating back to the 16th and the 17th centuries Panbari has a long tale to relate. A rendezvous with Panbari, the nature lover’s delight reveals a lot of history and tales of the past. It has tales of how the Bengal Governor Mirjumla invaded this area in the 16th century. It has the dubious achievement of having the best kind of architecture. The entire area of Panbari is a beautiful haven for nature lovers and has the most exquisite kind of flora and fauna. With beautifully constructed monuments, and lovely archaeological edifices, Panbari is a tourist’s delight and a historian’s pleasure.

So the beauty of the surroundings, the immense intensity of natural abundance, the varied flora and fauna all add to the beauty of Dhubri, the sanctuary land.

As a person leaves the place he thinks “Beauty lies here in Dhubri.”

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