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Assam Places to see GOLAGHAT

Golaghat - A Tete a Tete with the City :

Location :
North Eastern India, Assam

Founded In :

Best Time to Visit :
December to March

Places to See : Kaziranga National Park, Nambar Reserve Forest, Hot Springs, Negherting Shiva Mandir, Numaligarh Ruins, Children’s Museum, and Church.

Souvenirs : Assam handicrafts

Golaghat - The Tale of the City :

The tale of the city goes back to the year 1848, when it was a sub division of the Assam State. Golaghat gets the name from the word Gola which means a business place and it was next to a port called ghat by the locals. The place lies in Dhansiri. Golaghat is a term that is used by locals for a person who is sulky and gloomy. The diseases like malaria are very prevalent here.

Golaghat - Down the Ages :

Down the ages, Golaghat, the port town has become a prosperous and progressive district from the year 1987. It has the districts of Golaghat, Dhansiri and Bokakhat. Golaghat today has the state of Nagaland in the southern direction, the Brahmaputra flows in the northern part of the district, the east has the district of Jorhat and the western part of Golaghat includes the districts of Nagaon and Karbi Anglong. Besides, the district of Golaghat has the Rivers Gela-Beel, Doyang, Kakodonga and Dhansiri flowing through. All these are the tributaries of Brahmaputra. Today Golaghat is a successful region with pineapples, oranges, sugarcane, tea and rice as also mustard grown here.

Golaghat - A Rendezvous :

When one reaches Golaghat, one realizes that it has a historical past. Today, the area with its verdant expanse and rich ambience is also the home of the one horned rhino found in the Kaziranga Sanctuary. A rendezvous with Golaghat, the nature hub would take one through such sanctuaries and also reserve forests which have the best kind of flora and fauna. Golaghat also has an oil refinery. Thus one coming to Golaghat certainly has a lot of things to see and understand.

Golaghat - Travel Kitty :

Any person visiting a place would always like to take back some memories or souvenirs of the place visited. Would you not want to do it? So come to Golaghat and enjoy the beauty of Nature and take back fond memories of this place. This is the travel kitty here. Besides this of course one gets the Assam handicrafts which are so famous all over the world.

Golaghat - Joie de Vivre in the City :

The joie de vivre in Golaghat is the fact that it has an immense variety of flora and fauna and also houses the best kind of reserves and sanctuaries. The ambience, the atmosphere and the idyllic surroundings make it the perfect place of retreat for the tourist and he relaxes in the serene environment. A person coming here would get to see the following:

Parks, Reserves :

Kaziranga National Park: This is a lovely verdant expanse found on the banks of the River Brahmaputra. It was initially a game area and was found in the year 1908. In the year 1974, it got converted to a national park. In 1985, it got itself listed in the IUCN list which belongs to the World Natural Heritage Site. Spread over an area of 430 sq.km it has the River Brahmaputra on one side and the hills of Karbi Anglong on the other. The land is marshy here and the only relief is provided by the intermittent lakes and streams. The flora includes scattered bushes and trees as also some extent of elephant grass. Kaziranga Sanctuary is famous for its wild life. The wild life here includes the buffalo, hog deer, wild pig, water fowl, leopard, tiger and the elephant. Kaziranga also has wild birds visiting it in the winter season when they get out for migration. Kaziranga is loved by all nature lovers and they have the facility of nice watch towers atop which the entire wildlife is seen. One can go around this place in elephants or jeeps.

Nambar Reserve Forest: With the NH 39 passing through this dense expanse of greenery, the Nambar Reserve Forest boasts of having the best flora and fauna of Golaghat district. The forest also has a hot water spring inside it which is visited by most of the tourists coming here.

Hot Springs :

Garampani: This is found in the Nambar Reserve forest. The town of Golaghat lies around 18km from this hot spring. The NH 39 also lies nearby so a tourist would not find it difficult to reach this place. It lies en route Nagaland. Sometimes tourists are enthralled by the sight of a group of elephants idly grazing on the road. The NH 39 incidentally has the dubious feature of passing through the dense areas of the forest reserves of Nambar.

Temples :

Negherting Shiva Mandir: Famous for its monkeys, this temple of the kings of Ahom is dedicated to Lord Shiva. With the tea gardens of Assam, flourishing in the Golaghat district, they form a perfect background for this temple. Atop a hill, this could be accessed by the NH 37 as it lies around half a kilometer from the main highway. Tourists come here and enjoy the beautiful green surroundings, pray at the temple and also bask in the favorite picnic area. Lying around 39 kms from the town of Golaghat, it is a much favored tourist spot and is visited by many from Jorhat also which is around 32 kms from this place.

Ruins :

Numaligarh Ruins: A tourist likes to see nature in all forms when he is touring. So not only is her interested in seeing well made monuments, but also the sheer ruins and debris of a past history fascinates him. This is what happens at Deopahar in Numaligarh. Here one would find an old temple in shambles. The scattered idols, statues and the splurge of greenery around gives a perfect nostalgic view to a tourist interested in history. The beauty of the past coupled with the present day existence, the trek up the hill to reach the ruins and then the panoramic view atop the hill is all a magnificent experience. The feel is so real that the tourist wants to come back for more. The sheer divine view makes the hot day less troublesome. The tea estates of Numaligarh and the hills of Karbi Along are seen from the top and this is a wonderful experience.

Museum :

Children’s Museum :


The Uncle Robin’s Museum for children is in the town of Golaghat and is in the residential mansion of Dr. Robin Banerjee. This doctor was internationally known for his love for nature. This naturalist has had a museum which showcases the best artifacts, dolls and mementos that he has collected over the years. He also has some of his personal favorite collections also exhibited here. There are more than 600 dolls and around 260 showpieces. He has many admirers and the tourists who come here mostly are those who want to show it to their children. Dr. Robin Banerjee was also a collector of paintings. There are around 194 paintings and many photographs here. He was also the proud holder of around 19 photographs which have been given an award. A wildlife lover these photographs were those that were taken by the doctor when he was in challenging conditions in wildlife. The artifacts are more than 90 in number and have articles like a basket used by a Naga warrior, the Dalai Lama from the palace of Patala, Tibet exhibited in bones and fish., and a beautiful horse which has been made out of turquoise. This horse was a gift from China.

With such rare collections and articles, this place certainly is one to reckon with for a tourist.

Church :

Golaghat Baptist Church : 


This is amongst the biggest Baptist Churches in the State of Assam and is also the oldest. It is more than a 100 years old. It was founded in the year 1898. Dr. O.L. Swanson who was an American missionary. He had come with his wife to Assam in the year 1893. He got this church constructed with the help of the locals.

Other Cities :

Jorhat :


Jorhat is a successful, thriving modern city with a lot of development commercially and economically. The residents of Jorhat have been responsible for its continuous development and progress and have influenced the finance and the development of the erstwhile historical city. The Borgohains, the Sharmas and the Singhs dominate the city today and they are the most popular families who have been responsible for converting this otherwise sleepy locale to an actively functioning progressive city. Today Jorhat is a main connecting point in Assam with its good air and road facilities. Jorhat, the gateway to the areas of Nagaland, Kaziranga and Arunachal Pradesh is a very beautiful place to visit. The culture of the Vaishnavas makes the city a cultural capital and also has Majuli which is counted amongst the largest river islands. Lying around 310km from the city of Guwahati, Jorhat has its own research area for tea. A rendezvous with the city reveals the festival for tea that is held every year here. Besides this Jorhat also have the mementos of the British Royalty. It has many historical edifices and is amongst the largest Assamese towns. Jorhat, the last capital of the Ahoms has a lot of archaeological importance and also has the largest station for tea research in the world. With lovely huge roads and well designed structures, Jorhat, the Assamese Cultural Capital is proud to be hosting the largest number of educated people in the State of Assam.

Sibsagar :


Sibsagar has become a progressive town with the honor of being the headquarters of the Sibsagar district. Nazira is the headquarters of the eastern region. Sibsagar is today an important centre of oil and tea trading. Home to the culture in Assam, the remains of the Ahom rule still gives the city its grandeur. Earlier known as Rangpur, Sibsagar is a lovely place to have a rendezvous with. With the prestige of having the tallest temple of Shiva in India, the town is replete with a lot more such beautiful temples. The presiding deities in the other temples are Goddess Durga and Lord Vishnu. Thus Sibsagar, the pilgrim spot in Northeastern India is thronged by devotees from all over India. Besides all this, the town is also a treasure of history and monumental excellence. All this makes a visit to the town worth it.

In this way, Golaghat, the one horned rhino town, is a place with a lot of history, lot of wildlife, and lot of fun.

One who comes here thinks “Wild is the feel and lovely is life at Golaghat.”

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