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Assam Places to see MAYANG

Mayang - A Tete a Tete with the City :

Location : Northeastern India, Assam

Best time to visit : October to May

Local Transport : Buses, Private cars

Mayang - The Tale of the City :

The tale of the city of Mayang, Assam, goes back to the times when it was regarded as an area where witchcraft was very predominant. So many people feared to come to Mayang in olden times. The craft no longer exists yet the repercussions are still felt. Sorcery is lurking in the mind of the tourist who comes here. The stories in this area tell tales of times when a black magic practitioner or a bej turned human beings into tigers. The locals used to tell stories about how people used to be stuck to a spot and couldn’t move from there.

Mayang - Down the Ages :

Down the ages, Mayang, the witchcraft town, has come to be an area where there is lot of education. Though it is believed that the witchcraft practitioners still are continuing their profession, yet the place has developed into a progressive town. Now the sorcery and magic has been put in the back burner and this town in the Morigaon district of Assam is slowly getting to be a normal developing place.

Mayang - A Rendezvous :

Situated around 50km from the City of Guwahati, the NH-37, takes the tourist to the nearby junction called Chamata, Mayang, the lovely city is connected to Guwahati with a road made of gravel. The Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary lies near this place. This wildlife reserve is very well known as the one horned rhino is here.

Mayang - Travel Kitty :

The travel kitty in this place is obviously the intriguing magic element to this place. Thus the people coming here take back a magic kitty as the travel memoirs. Besides this, the sheer ambience takes over the heart of the tourist and he is satiated with the scenic beauty, the idyllic surroundings and the element of sorcery back.

Mayang - Joie de Vivre in the City :

The joie de vivre in this city is understanding the psychology behind the entire existence of the city. It was said that magic was practiced here earlier so the joy of being here is to sniff out that magical element. One who comes here could see the surprise magical feel here and also the background of the beautiful ambience here. He also gets to see the following towns

Nearby Cities :

Guwahati :

Guwahati, the ancient Assam capital city, saw a lot of changes and developments which led to the city being a very progressive and successful one. In the year 1979, the Assam agitation began by the year 1985, the Assam Accor was signed and this agitation ended. With tea as its mainstay, Guwahati today is the auction centre for Assam tea. Guwahati is the centre of growth with oil refineries and with a very flourishing market place. Guwahati, the prosperous city is a beautiful place today with lovely hills and coconut trees surrounding the region. The entire place is like a paradise of contrasts with its busy market on one hand and a lovely rural area on the other. A rendezvous with the city of Guwahati is interesting when we see the River Brahmaputra dividing the city into two parts. The Saraighat Bridge connects the two and ferries carry you from one side to the other. Guwahati has a north town and a south town. The main city of Guwahati lies in the south town while a separate Guwahati has its existence in the north. There is a huge trunk road which connects Guwahati to Shillong and Meghalaya.

Sonapur :

Situated in the Kamrup District of Assam, Sonapur has the NH-37 passing through it. It lies on the banks of the Diguru river. The Digru River goes into the River Kalang which meets the River Brahmaputra. Sonapur is a place where rice is harvested. The fields here with their beautiful heads bobbing with paddy plants look lovely. The tourist likes the rustic look that Sonapur, the rice area has.

Thus Mayang, the mystical city is a place to be visited and enjoyed.

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