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Assam Places to see SIBSAGAR

Sibsagar - A Tete a Tete with the City :

Also Known As : Sivasagar, Rangpur

Location : Northeastern India, Jorhat, Assam.

Best Time to Visit : October to May

Local Transport : Private Cars, buses etc.

Places to see : Sivasagar ,Joysagar,Sivadol ,Rang Ghar, Ahom Museum,Namdang Stone Bridge

Souvenirs : Assam handicrafts

Sibsagar - The Tale of the City :

Sibsagar, the earlier Ahom capital dates its history back to around 6 centuries back. Sibsagar, or the Ocean of Lord Shiva is amongst the oldest Assamese towns. The Ahom ruled this region for more than 600 years. In the year 1734, Queen Madambika built a tank here . It still exists. The Ahoms while in Sibsagar constructed a good many monuments which still are seen. In the year 1819, the Burmese took over this region and the Ahom rule was conquered. In the year 1825, the British ruled here and gave the Sibsagar its identity by freeing the place from any rule. However in the year 1825, there was lot of anarchy around so finally the British had to annex the region. Then the British came and took over the place till the Independence. After this Assam state was formed and Sibsagar was included as a part of it.

Sibsagar - Down the Ages :

Down the ages, Sibsagar has become a progressive town with the honor of being the headquarters of the Sibsagar district. Nazira is the headquarters of the eastern region. Sibsagar is today an important centre of oil and tea trading. Home to the culture in Assam, the remains of the Ahom rule still gives the city its grandeur.

Sibsagar - A Rendezvous :

Earlier known as Rangpur, Sibsagar is a lovely place to have a rendezvous with. With the prestige of having the tallest temple of Shiva in India, the town is replete with a lot more such beautiful temples. The presiding deities in the other temples are Goddess Durga and Lord Vishnu. Thus Sibsagar, the pilgrim spot in Northeastern India is thronged by devotees from all over India. Besides all this, the town is also a treasure of history and monumental excellence. All this makes a visit to the town worth it.

Sibsagar - Travel Kitty :

Earlier Sibsagar was spelt thus. Today it is known as Sivasagar. Lying in the Sibsagar district, this historical town is actually an Indian heritage town. Famous for its lovely monuments, and the Shiva temple, the travel kitty here is the religious flavor offered by the city. The nostalgia of the valiant Ahoms, and the way the city has bounced back to normal is worth treasuring as a travel kitty. Today it is a place where many cultures live together. All this makes an invaluable travel kitty.

Sibsagar - Joie de Vivre in the City :

Sibsagar, the Shiva temple city has the Shivadol measuring around 32 m in height. People like to feel the vibration here during the festival of Shivarathri and the place is full of pilgrims from all over during this time. The joie de vivre of living here lies in enjoying this atmosphere. A person coming her would see the following :

Water Bodies :

Sivasagar :

This is the main attraction in Sivasagar. Expanding over around 257 acres the locals call the tank Borpukhuri. It is located at a higher altitude than the town itself. It is around 200 years old.

Joysagar :

This has the honor of being the biggest Indian lake which has been manmade. It has an area of around 318 acres and is located at Rangpur. Swargadeo Rudra Singha built this lake honoring Joymoti who was his mother.

Gaurisagar Tank :

Phuleshwari Devi the queen then built this tank. There are three temples here . They are the Vishundol, Devidol and the Shivdol.

Rudrasagar :

King Lakshmi Singha built this tank in the year 1773. Lying around 8 km from the city of Sibsagar, this tank is a beautiful piece of construction.

Temples :

Temples are called Dols in Assam and there are three such temples in Sibsagar. The most important temple is the Sivadol.

Sivadol :

This is at a height of 104feet. It is thronged by all the devotees during the festival of Shivrathri. It was built in the year 1734 by Queen Ambika. It is 104 feet tall and encircles over an area of 195 feet.

Vishnudol :

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this is another important dol or temple in Sibsagar. Queen Ambika constructed these temples. She was the wife of the King Swargadeo Siba Singha.

Devidol :

The presiding deity in this temple or dol is goddess Durga. She is the goddess of power.

Amphitheatre :

Rang Ghar :

This is a lovely construction which has two storeys. It has a unique roof in the shape of a boat overturned. It was constructed by King Pramatta Singha. It is amongst the largest of amphitheatres.

Palaces :

Talatal Ghar :

This is a magnificent piece of Assam architectural elegance. It is a beautiful palace with tunnels underneath. These were secret tunnels. There are three storeys below the palace.

Museums :

Ahom Museum :

Lying on the banks of the River Sibsagar, the museum is a storehouse of artifacts like manuscripts, goblets, platters, clothes etc.

Historical Towns :

Gargaon :

This town has the prestige of being the earlier Ahom capital. Lying around 13km from the city of Sibsagar. It has a wonderfully constructed palace called the Kareng Ghar. It has 7 storeys. It was built in the 18th century. The palace got destroyed in the year 1540, but was reconstructed by King Rajeshwar Singha in the year 1762.

Charideo :

This is another historical town near Sibsagar. This was constructed by the Ahom dynasty ruler Sukapha who also founded this dynasty. It is famous for the maidams which were built for the royal family. Called maidams, these vaults are a regular feature of the earlier Ahom rule. The kings, queens and all royal families used to store their precious valuables here.

Bridges :

Namdang Stone Bridge :

This was built many centuries back by King RudraSingha in the year 1703. The uniqueness of this bridge is that it was made out of a single big stone. The National Highway 37 runs over this bridge even today.

Thus Sibsagar, the water beauty is a lovely place to visit and one must make it a point to visit this pilgrim hub in Northeastern India.

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