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Assam Places to see SILCHAR

Silchar - A Tete a Tete with the City :


Location : Northeastern India, Cachhar District, Assam


Best Time to Visit : October to May


Local Transport : Private buses, cars


Places to see : Bhuban Hill, Khaspur, Sri Sri Kanch Kanti Devi Temple


Souvenirs : Assam handicrafts


Silchar - The Tale of the City :


The tale of Silchar goes back to the time when in the year 1833, Silchar was the headquarters of the British. In the year 1850, the British popularized this place with the polo sport. It started in the State of Manipur. Silchar has the dubious achievement of having the first polo club in the whole world. In the year 1899, Silchar got its first railway link. The Assam Bengal Railway started this. The connection from Silchar to Lumding is considered to be amongst the most adventurous Indian railway tracks. The British built this meter gauge line today is proof of the grandeur of past. In 1961, there was a final decision taken on officialising Bengali in Assam. Finally the Barak Valley districts had Bengali as their official language.


Silchar - Down the Ages :


Down the ages, Silchar is the second largest Assamese city. A very important commercial hub, Silchar, the prosperous city, is also mentioned as the Barak Valley. Silchar, the gateway to economy to nearby states of Mizoram and Manipur is today the headquarters of the district of Cachar. Silchar, the island of peace is a settled peaceful city today. Silchar is resided by the Sylhetis and the Marwaris besides the Bishnupriyas,and the Nagas.


Silchar - A Rendezvous :


With agriculture as its major occupation, a rendezvous with Silchar, the polo city, has the Bengalis inhabiting it mostly. Flanked by the river Barak, the place is replete with beauty and magnificence in tow. Silchar has the valley of Surma which gives the best view of sunrise. The beauty of the place is the changing colour of the sun rays at the back of the hill. The colors are seen to change every second in the waters of the river. This is a memorable sight and a perfect treat for nature lovers.


Silchar - Travel Kitty :


With lovely surroundings and beauty personified in the city itself, a tourist would just want to take back the memories of each experience as his travel kitty. One would certainly not want to miss even a single moment of pleasure and leisure here. A tired traveler makes it is destination to retreat in lethargy here. The travel kitty comprises of feeling this relaxation, enjoying the moments and taking it back afresh.


Silchar - Joie de Vivre in the City :


With history behind it, and beauty as its forte, the joie de vivre in this city of scenic elegance, is to understand that simplicity and beauty tango well. The city with its myriad colors and its natural ambience renders a tourist totally helpless with pleasure and excitement of travel. A person coming here would see the following :

Temples :


Sri Sri Kanch Kanti Devi Temple :


Situated around 17 km from Silchar, this temple lies en route to the airport at a place called Udharband. The presiding deity here is a combination of the Goddess Kali and Goddess Durga. It denotes a lot of power. The king who was ruling here dreamt that he had to make an idol of such a deity with four arms . Built in the year 1806, the legend has it that it was built to fulfill the kings’ dream. Thus the dream tree here at the Brajamohan Goswami Ashram is a major attraction. The temple is a rebuilt version of the olden one. Thus a tourist coming here is filled with reverence, curiosity and goes back mystical about the whole place.


Hills :


Bhubhan Hill :


This is a famous spot in the city of Silchar. Famous for the Bhubaneswar Temple and also for the idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, this hill is frequented by tourists. It lies around 37km from Silchar. One can reach here by bus or trek it up. The presiding deities here are the Hara Parvati.


Tunnels :

Maniharan tunnel :


Said to be built in the times of Lord Krishna, it is believed that the Lord used to use this tunnel every day when he used to visit the palace. The tunnel is over the River Tribeni. There are temples here which have the deities of Garurha, Lord Rama, Lakshmana , Hanuman etc. There are many festivals here which are celebrated before the full moon of the festival of Doljatra. There are festivals for Shivarathri, and Baruni etc.


Towns :

Khaspur :


Sitatued around 3 km from Silchar, this lies on the left hand side of the Brajamohan Goswami Ashram. The Cachar Kings had this as their capital. So the town dates back to the year 1690 when the Cachars ruled here. Today all we have is ruins of the city. But the tourists love to see the remnants of a simmering glorious past of the city. There is a palace here which is almost redundant. But the entrance gate or the Suryadwar and the Debalaya are still there for the tourists to have a look at. There are patterns of elephants at the entrance and the stupendous architecture of those times comes to the fore. This is surely a history lover’s paradise.


Tombs :


In the year 1964, there was a movement for language. There were many martyrs who dedicated their lives at this time. There are 11 pillars for 11 martyrs. This is located at Gandhi Bag. Thus Silchar is a place of history, legend, tales and stories. It has a lot of mythology involved and many tales to relate. A tourist coming here would go back completely happy that he even visited this place.

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