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Assam Places to see ASSAM DANCE AND MUSIC

At a Glance :

Region : India's northern east part

Attractive Tourist Spots : Tea gardens, tribes and wildlife

Capital of Assam : Dispur

Perfect Visiting Time : Entire the year

As per the dazzling natural look the Assam state also has the great tradition of various types of dances. The dance of Assam contain different styles. As per the belief of people folk dance of Assam is perfect face of state's historical tradition and culture. If you want to see the proof, then visit the Assam state and enjoy the traditional entertainment sources. The nice example of their culture is there ethnic dance types, which has been derived from various regions of Assam state. This state is a house of plenty races and tribes; each one has their separate identifiable festivals and fairs. Because of this the huge numbers of dance forms are practiced by the population of region. The various dance forms of Assam has been specified in the 2 individual categories such as folk dances & classical dances.

Folk Dances :

Jumur Nach :

This dance form is a common dance of Assam people this form has been practiced by the state's tea community, it is regionally known as the Jumur dance of Tea garden or Chah Baganar Jumur Nach. In this dance form, the girls and boys should clasp the each other's hand and they should start dance as per the Jumar tunes. Watching the performance of Jumar Nach is a great and pleasant experience.

Deodhani :

This dance form is connected to the devotion of snake goddess Manasa. One girl practiced the girl. She dances like she has been inspired stage, she starts dancing on the music of kham means drum, Ciphung means flute. During the performance, at one point, the dancer girl takes a sword in hand; she begins to honor the goddess and gods such as Lakshmi & Shiva etc.

Bihu Dance :

This dance form is very much famous folk dance of this state; from the name itself you must got the idea that it is connected to the Bihu festival; this festival is celebrated by the regional people with full of enthusiasm and energy in the entire Assam state.

Bodo's Bagurumba :

Among the dance forms of the Assam state, this Bodo's Bagurumba dance is best dance form; which was practiced by the community called Bodo. the girls of Bodo community, wears multicolored costumes and they starts dancing on the beat of Bodo tribe's traditional instrumental music, by outspread hands & gradual steps they starts dance performance. you will get enjoy the dance performance within the districts such as Darrang, Kokrajhar, Nalbari, Bongaigaon and Sonitpur of Assam state.

Ali Ai Ligang Dance :

Assam state's Mishing community practices this dance form, during the making of deity's offerings, in the Ali Ai Ligang Festival. You will get to see this dance performance within the Lakhimpur, Assam state's northern and eastern region and Sonitpur.

Barpeta's Bhortal Nritya :

This dance type is broadcast of Assam state's Sankari culture and in real it had been developed through the Satriya, a familiar artist and also the Narahari Burha Bhakat. While the Guwahati & Barpeta's festivals, Assam state's this dance form has been practiced by the dancer of age group six to ten; additional interesting thing of this dance performance is dancers hold cyrnbols.

Khamba Lim :

Khamba Lin dance form is a general dance form, which was practiced through the women and men's groups; they stand in rows for performance.

Bhawariya & Dhuliya :

This is a theatrical performance's form; for rhythmic background they use drums, masks and cymbals.

Classical Dance :

Oja Pali :

This is a type of classical dance; it represents the cultural heritage and rich tradition of Assam state. In real, Pali & Oja are sections of chorus dancers and singers. Palis are assistants and Oja is a leader.

Bhaona :

Bhaona dance form is majorly practiced in the Satras & Namghars village areas; to publicize the Assam's Vaishnavite. Actually it is a theatrical portrayal of one particular act, which was played by the Ankiya, the character of Sankardeva. The soul part of the performance is Sutradhara, the one who sings, chants slokas, dances and expresses the different steps of Bhaona, with specification. One more dance form is included in this Bhaona, that is Cali dance or known as Natuwa. Hajowaliya is a one of part of this dance form; it is majorly performed by the woman's dance, the performance is a fine mixture of Lasya & Tandava.

Satriya Nritya :

It is a famous classical dance form of Assam state and it had been started by the Srimanta Shakardev to spread the Vaishnavism religion.

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