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Assam Places to see DEODHANI DANCE

At a Glance :

Region : Assam

Deodhani dance form of Assam is a not a classical dance form and not even folk dance; it is a semi classical form. This dance includes 2 types. One type is trance and another is semi classical. Within the southwest Kamrup & Mangaidoi parts of the Assam, this dance form is common. These areas are connected to Sukanani Oja Pall. The good thing about this dance form is current supporters have given latest beautiful look.

Satriya :

In the ending of fifteenth century, Assam’s great son Mahapurush Sankaradeva had introduced Satriya dances; he was a great Sage Vaishnavite. Later on it became India’s marvelous dance form. This great personality’s followers had increased the quality of Satriya dance, while the sixteenth century. This dance form got 4 principals from the 2 enormous gurus in Satriya collection. Those 4 principles are such as:

  • Ras Nritya

  • Bihar Nritya

  • Nadu Bhangi Nritya

  • Zumura Nritya

All these principles are actually dace forms, which take less time. Every one dance form of these are depend on the particular dramas that conceptualized through 2 massive gurus.

Satriya Dance form’s Major Parts :

The first 5 prime sections of Satriya dance have been also introduced by 2 huge gurus. Krishna Bandana’s Bhatima & Nandi Stok, Purbaranga’s Dhemali, Ramdani;pure dance form, Mela Nach one more pure dance and Geetar Nachl contains Abhinaya accompanying dance.

Majorly tourist people visit beautiful Assam state in the ending days of August month and start of September, because it is a perfect time to enjoy the dance performance; you can attend it at Kamalabari Sattta, it is close to Jorhat. Even if you will get the accommodation at Kaxiranga, still you can reach here through car, because it requires only seventy five kilometers and get full of joy of Satriya dance form. While your trips of Assam don’t miss to attend the Dhemah dance form; generally it is a very essential dance form. Sattra location of Assam has created this Dhemah dance form; the beautiful quality of this dance form is its creativity; which tourist hardly gets any regional dance form, but there is a exception for this statement, that is Manipur. You can also see the Satriya dance performance at Majuli’s Sattras. It is longest island river in the entire world. You can try boating in the pleasant and energetic water of Majuli River; this would be thrilling trip for you.


The peaceful musical atmosphere of Satras always gets the success in impressing the tourists. It is in Assamese people’s culture’s heart. You will get to see Ras Nritya in the festival called Ras, it is Garmur Sattra's festival. If you will visit the Assam in the winter season means during the months of November & February, then you will get the opportunity to enjoy this dance at Guwahati. At present Guwahati City has been very developed, now it includes some institutions, in which this dance form has been taught. If you will in Assam state in the winter season, it would be golden opportunity for you to attend the festival of Satriya dance, this festival has been always introduced by one of Institutions like Sangeet Sattra, Sattra Mahasabha, Srimata Sankaradeva Sangha. This festival always organized by one of these institutions. Despite this, numbers of institutions showcase this dance on the open air stage, while the festival of Bihu in the months of April and May.

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