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Assam has a very rich culture and heritage that belongs to the medieval and the ancient period of the ruling empire. The forts and palaces present in this region are truly beautiful and amazing. They portray the religious form of the city of Assam.

The most important palaces that belong to Assam have their origin from 6th C. AD to 19th C. AD. This forts and palaces are very well connected with the cultural presentation from the present to the past. They have been distinguished in the Pre - Ahom period, Koch Dynasty, Ahom Period, Jantia and the Kahari Dynasties, Islamic and the Secular architecture.

There are most important forts namely Rang Ghar and Talatal Ghar.

Rang Ghar :

Rang Ghar is one of the most important attraction from the states of the Assam. It is considered to be one of the most important and the oldest amphitheatre in the Asia and is well known as Colosseum of the East. It is located in the north east region of the Tolatol Ghar that lies in the Joysagar area of the Sibsagar District. The fort is of 2 stories and had witnessed the numerous games like bull ight, buffalo fight etc. This beautiful amphitheatre was developed by the Ahom ruler named Ahom Ruler Swargadeo Pramutta Singha.

Rang Ghar has its origin since the ancient ages in the year 1746. The reason behind developing this fort is fun and amusement. This amazing amphitheatre has double storey and there is a design that contains a long boat that belongs the Ahom rule. It is more or less oval in shape just like the shape of the huge Tolatol Ghar just located beside it. Each year, during the period of Rongali Bihu, Rang Ghar was considered as the royal sports exhibition area through which the upper categories like the Ahom King and the nobles of the Kingdom used to watch the games that were held in Rupahi Pather in the below region.

The Rupahi Pather is a very vast region and this was the place where the fight in between the bulls and the games that were in tradition during those particular moments that were the part of the royal entertainment in the fort. The Rang Ghar was considered to be 33rd National Games that was held in the year 2007 in the region of Guwahati in Assam.

Talatal Ghar :

This is known as one of the former capital of the Kingdom of Ahom. It was established by the Ahom Empire in the period of 17th C. by the Swargeo Rudra Singha. After this they built a palace inside the city made up of wood and the material similar to that of wood. In the later period, his descendant Rajeshwara Singha added a few more storeys in the palace near about 7 storeys. The storeys that are found in the upper portion are known as the Kerang Ghar, while the remaining three storey are known as Talatal ghar.

This place was considered for the main purpose of serving to the military base from the empire of Ahom. In addition to the Kareng Ghar and the Talatal Ghar, the palace also has 2 underground tunnels that are linked with the Gargaon Palace and the Talatal ghar to the Dikhav River. This tunnel was used in the case of emergency especially during the wars. This part of the tunnel was blocked in the later period by the East India Company. The whole palace along with the room is linked to a very small passage. A temple has been built up inside the palace in an octagonal shaped temple along with the 3 huge chambers, a room for the guards and a huge hall with the court yard that has separate entrances.

In the recent days, the visitors and the tourists can give a look only to the ground floor and the few sections lying on the upper floor. The under ground region have been totally sealed off for the visitors. But after the excavation of the palace, the ruins of the burnt logs of wood, brick structure, post holes and the path ways on the western and the northern side were initiated in the palace. They were indicated to use this material of the construction in the way the original building was built. In addition to this, there was brick fortification and earthen fort that are found surrounding this palace; they are excavated in the later period.

There are also a few guns or the Bartops that are found in the Talatal ghar from the palace. In actual there was the entire store house of the ammunition and the gun powers that are located in the beautiful architectural structure and the patterns of the palaces. This is one of the most beautiful palaces to visit and not worth missing.

Every one is welcomed to visit these beautiful palaces of Assam. That is totally designed in the form of the ancient architecture. These forts are as a proof of the rich architecture and the evidence of the loyalty that Assam has. These palaces have attracted a large number of tourist from all over India.

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