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Assam Places to see RANG GHAR

Facts Facts :

Location : Assam, India

Close By : Gargaon Palace

Established By : King Pramatta Singha (Ahoma dynasty), between the year 177 to 1751.

The Rang Ghar is the most prominent tourist attraction that is preserved even today in the state of Assam. This ghar is well known as an entertainment house. This enduring site is located close to Gargaon Palace, which also signifies an imperial origin. According to history, it was stated that the emperor of Ahom dynasty use to watch various sports that were held in the ground front of this house. The construction of this structure is small; it is just a two storey building. The main feature of the entertainment house is the marquees are built in oval shape, which adds uniqueness to the site.

The Rang Ghar which is an iconic attraction in the state of Assam is renowned for its pavilions type in India. It is one of the original structures which were constructed in the earlier times. This splendid outdoor sports stadium was mainly constructed during the years of 1744 to 1751. Originally, it was initiated by the great emperor Pramatta Singha of the Ahoma dynasty. The construction of this fascinating structure appeals majority of the tourist to witness this site. During the earlier period of time, the Rang Ghar was an ideal place of Assam and was generally used by the king to watch the exciting and royal sport of elephant fights.

There are several attractions in the state of Assam that are meant for tourists. While exploring in this province make sure you take a glimpse of this enchanting place, where the main feature is the original marquees of India. The pavilions that are constructed while building this house measures at a height of over ten meters. The length of the pavilion is around twenty seven meter while the width is over eleven meters respectively. When you visit the Rang Ghar, you can notice that exactly in front of this place, there is a big and wonderful ground.

This wide ground was perhaps the main venue where different types of sports were held and the famous royal person used to sit and watch the show from this oval shape pavilion. Within the entertainment house, there are some of the steep flights of stairs that will head to the upper direction of the marquee. A very steep flight of steps will reach you to the higher points of the pavilion. The steep stairs here will take the visitors to the upper part of the pavilion, where the kings and emperors from different regions, and also other imperial important personalities used to sit and enjoy the competition of sports.

The Rang Ghar is one of the famous places of the king Ahom dynasty, mainly for its regal and rich beauty of architecture. The main highlight of the entertainment house is that it is build from a specially produced slim shaped baked bricks. Initially, the artists who constructed and the king who initiated to construct the Rang Ghar were not aware of using cement. As a big gun for constructing this enduring structure instead of cement a mixture of eggs and rice paste was used. Among all the buildings that are close to this wonderful place, the Rang Ghar is the only building which features the uniqueness that was founded by kings of Ahom dynasty.

This site is located in a calm and peaceful place where visitors can experience tranquility and relaxation. In this place, there is a massive hayfield which is considered the largest width that is covered around the famous Rang Ghar. Mainly, this entertainment house was almost certainly entailed for the usage of local people.

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