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Assam Places to see TALATAL GHAR

Fast Facts :

Location : Rangpur district, Assam, India

Established By : Rudra Singha, emperor of Ahom dynasty

Built in Year : During 1696 - 1714

Popular For :
A home to various ancient religious temples of Assam state.

Talatal Ghar is the most famous tourist attraction which is preserved in the state of Assam. This site is situated in the district of Rangpur in Assam state. It is well known as the historical site, where this beautiful palace was constructed by the earlier emperor of the Ahom kingdom. The Talatal Ghar is also known as Kareng Ghar, it is a renowned historical monument that was once originally served as a military station for the kings of Ahom. This amazing palace was constructed during the years from 1696 to 1714, which was mainly build under the rule of Rudra Singha. This archeological structure of this palace draws attention of thousands of visitors and researchers from all around the world every year.

The main structure of the Talatal Ghar palace is around seven storeys which gives a magnificence view to the tourist. Among all the seven floors, only three of them are under ground, therefore it is called a Talatal Ghar. While the rest of the four floors that remained above the ground are simply known as Kareng Ghar. This palace is best place to visit, if you are planning to tour the state of Assam. While exploring within the palace you will come across two main secret tunnels that are preserved even today in this ghar. To build the ghar usage of bricks are made that are unspoiled even today; some of the part of the palace has a sink in the water. In the Talatal Ghar, there is another section known as Khar Ghar which is referred as store house. In this storage area, a number of gun powder and other arms and ammunition were kept closure to the palace. The secrets tunnels that are hidden under ground which directly connect to the Dikhow River, they were mainly used as a route way to escape from the enemy or the attackers.

The Kareng Ghar or also called as Talatal Ghar is situated close to the city of Sibsagar in Assam state. The name of this enduring and ancient city is registered in the history of Assam, which encloses the background of earlier times. The Sibsagar City was famous capital for the mighty rulers of Ahom dynasty. The emperors and their sovereigns ruled several empires and captured various regions from this place. The rule of the Ahoma dynasty continued for a longer span around 600 years. Later, after so many years, their rule to capture also the regions came to an end when the arrival of British came to India. In this palace, the oldest water tank is also found here which is over two hundred years old is and known as Sibsagar Tank. This amazing tank attracts several tourists form local to international who hail from various regions to countries to visit this splendid place. The Sibsagar town is well known as a home for various ancient religious shrines that you can find in the state of Assam, India. Around the palace, a small garden is also developed which is adorned with various plants, trees, and vivid flowers.

The Talatal Ghar is one of the most popular historical monuments, among the other attractions of Assam. It is located at a distance of around six kilometers from the main city. This historical site was constructed by Rudra Singha just to ensure the security of the Gargaon Palace, which is the residence for the rulers of the Ahom dynasty. After the replacement of the Ahoma emperor Rudra Singha, there were many changes and some additions that were added in the original structure of Talatal Ghar or Kareng Ghar. However, there are various attractions including the forts and palaces of Assam state, but the most appealing that draws the attention of thousands of tourist to witness this site. This city where this historical monument is placed gives an ancient background of the state of Assam, where you can see the enduring Talatal Ghar or also known as Kareng Ghar while on tour to this province of India.

If you are planning to witness this majestic palace, make sure you plan your trip properly. The state of Assam has offered various mode of transportation where visitors can travel by road. Regular private and local bus services are available which passes through different regions and cities, where you can also view the other attraction during your trip here. This place ensures that you will definitely experience one of your alluring and remarkable vacations for lifetime.

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