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Cuisine of a state reflects the tradition and culture of a particular society. It is mainly charmed by the ethnic ingredients and the soothing climate of the place. Religious food also exerts firm influences on Assam cuisine. Food is a sanctified part of Assam’s Culture and the cooking process is stress free that reflects simple lifestyle of the dwellers.

It is a mixture of variety of native style with territorial variation. The lower Assam people enjoy more spicy food than the one at upper Assam. For eg meat preparation with green chilies and xaaks is enjoyed at upper Assam and Lower Assam people enjoys meat prepared by dry paste of red chilies. You can sense a feel of oriental influence in the cooking of upper Assam whereas cuisines of lower Assam have a very strong influence of Bihar and West Bengal. Many exotic herbs are also in the preparation of few dishes. Lime also known as gol nemu, joha rice, and lemon are used frequently in the preparation. Some of the popular delicacies of this state include the Amroli Paruwa (a species of red ant). herb chutney, soured bamboo shoot, and khar. Mother Nature has blessed this state with abundant greenery. The biodiversity of this state creates a favorite spot with many endemic and rare herbs and plants. Assam holds more than three thousand species of medicinal herbs and plants. Xaak is mainly used in all the preparations. The Assamese use the natural wealth to the fullest. Dried cocum, powdered lentils, chilly pickle, khahodi, dry bamboo shoot and rice powder are commonly used in the cooking.

Rice is the staple food of the Assamese. In rural areas the guests are specially asked to sit on the low stools also known as pira or bamboo mats and then the exotic meal is served. Assam Cuisine is dished out in courses. Each Course of the Assamese is enjoyed with a share of rice. Generally, all the Assamese People are known as Khar Khoa Asomiya, this is because Khar is dished out as the first meal. The last meal comprises of Tanga Curry. Some of the basic spices includes pepper,garlic,fenugreek,onion,cumin seeds,cardamom,bay leaf, green chillies. Ghee is not that much used. Assamese are mainly fish lovers, so you will find many fish recipes encountered. Baked Fish is also a delicacy in this state. Fried fish is also one of the favorite dish. Dal and Rice is always served alongwith Bhaajis and also chutneys like Pani Tenga, Kharoli etc.

Sweet Dishes consist of pithas also known as rice cakes. Rice kheer is also served by the end of the meal and then betel Nut leaves are given to end the meal known as Paan. The other sweet includes Roshomolai, Chhenapodapitha, Sandesh, Mihidana and Roshogolla.

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