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The Assamese people present a multihued cultural life that is dotted with glorious festivals, enormous wealth of arts and crafts and colorful traditions.

The tribal life of Assam is influenced by groups who are basically peace-loving and courageous. Among the various tribal groups of Assam, Bodo-Kachari and Deoris have a deep impact on the cultural aspect of the state. The people of BodoKachari tribe dwell in isolated areas in the districts of Kamrup , Goalpara, in a small part of  Darrang and in between the 2 hill districts districts, where they are referred as Dimasas. Deoris tribe belongs to Bodo group but they have made their separate identity through distinguished lifestyle. Apart from the two tribes mentioned above, Rabhas and Lalungs are also among the major tribes of Assam.

The tribal group of Assam have a major impact is shaping the festivals of the state. The festivals in Assam have are many and each of them reflect the simplicity of the tribal life in the state. Rajni Gabra and Harni Gabra is a noted festival of Assam, which is celebrated primarily by Dimasa tribe. The festival rituals are completed during the daytime and Dimasa dance can be seen during this festival, which is a typical feature of the tribe. Bihu festival is the most famous one in Assam and Bihu dance is inevitable during the festival ritual. In fact it is the national festival of Assam. During this festival the performers put on the traditional dress of Assam and embellish themselves with traditional jewelries, which create a mildly vibrant ambience; a peculiarity noted in the hilly terrains.

The tribal groups of Assam have a rich cultural life and have gifted the state with a plethora of arts and crafts. Articles of brass and bell metal make a huge share of the arts and crafts of Assam. Cane and bamboo are the major raw materials for creating a range of items beginning from household objects to construction of houses to creating accessories to manufacturing musical instruments. Such wide use of cane and bamboo is hardly noticed in other parts of India. Art of terracotta has also evolved within the boundaries of Assam and wide rang of objects are found in terracotta. Masak are a forte for Assamese craftsmen and a mask of Assam finds special place in the living room of plush apartments. The masks are a substantial item for interior decoration. Every such handicraft has been created with the effort of specific tribal groups and this is the fact that Assam’s culture is largely shaped by the tribes living in the state.

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