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Fast Facts :

Situated : Assam, India

Major Attractions : The unique Tea Festival that commences from (26th -28th December)

Major Tea Mart Centre :

Ancient Legend :

Legend attributes the conception of the (tea plant) to Boddhidharma or Daruma -The originator of Zen Buddhism. Hundreds of years ago, while pondering close to the Nanking, China, the holy man fell asleep. As soon as he got up, he got angry with himself and he punished hisself by cutting his eyelids. It is believed that the place where these eyelids had fallen, a very strange plant was and it was Tea Plant, which was therefore used to banish sleep.

Various Claims for the Unearthing of Tea :

Major Robert Bruce smacked up friendship with the Bessagaum Singpo chief of Assam gave him some indigenous seeds and tea plants in the year 1823.This is believed to be the introduction of Tea in India. However, this was again twisted as Charles Bruice, Roberts’s younger brother considered himself as the founder of this plant as he was trailing through the jungle and suddenly bumped in to the tea plant in British Sudiya.In the year 1841, Lt Charlton challenged Charles. He claimed that he was the one who had 1st sent (tea plants) to the horticulture and Agricultural Society of Assam in the year 1831.

1st Indian Planter :

On seeing all the sample of the tea plant in Roberts’s hand, Dewan Maniram Dutta Borbhandar Barua said, “We already have this kind of plants which are developed in our forest”. Dewan Maniram Dutta Borbhndar Barua was later selected as the head by the Tea Company of Assam. He left the chair to sprint his own tea garden.

1st Tea Company of the World :

The Assam Company was the 1st tea company of the world and was formed in the year 1839(12th February).Mr. Dwarakanath Tagore, grand dad of the famous noble laureate Mr. Rabindranath Tagore was 1 of the company’s director.

1st Exports :

For the very first time a ship filled with dozens of tea chests from India sailed to Britain in the year 1838 and the first shipment in warded in, London on 23rd January 1839.

The East India Company was very happy after the delivery and had ordered more 500-1000 tea chests.

1st Auction :

The 1st auction took place in the year 1839 (10th January) when the 1st consignment of eight chests was held for auction at Mincing Lane’s Commercial Rooms. There were 60 bidders for the same and the cartons were from Pekoe and, Souchang.The prices were surprisingly knocked down for 34 shillings each pound. The entire lot of Tea was bought by Captain Pidding. 

The Wild and the Strong :

Assam, the god gifted land with enchanting beauty and green land of dense forest and rolling plains. Through this mystic forest of Assam River Bramhaputra touches this land. This is the region of countless sanctuaries and forests where one horned Rhinos and Elephants wander, sharing the surroundings with wild Buffaloes, Tigers and Swamp Deer.

You will find, more than (2, 30,000 hectares) of verdant green gardens of tea across the valley of Brahmaputra as well as Barak valley .The total amount of tea produced in Assam is Four Hundred million kg per annum.The region of Assam is just apt for the growth of Tea plant as it is rich with alluvial soil, receives more than (200-300cm) rainfall annually.

Tea was a haunting memoirs for the ancient dwellers as their were made many experiments regarding the preparations. Now a days it has become one of the most lucrative business around the business circuits. India has earned a privileged name in the outside world for its exquisite tea and has also set in to a economic era.

Tea and Assam share an inseparable bond because Assam is the only place in the universe where tea is found in such abundance. Assam produces 50 percent of the total productions of tea in the world. Hence, this state contributes a major share of foreign currency to India. 1 of the biggest Tea Auction Centre in this world is located in Guwahati.

Tea :

Assam Tea is known for its bright liquor and full-bodied tea flakes. If you are a fan of strong tea then Assam Tea is the ultimate option for you. Do visit this state during the tea festival that commences in the month of December from (26th-28th).You will feel like home, rather more than that as its pristine beauty will conquer your heart.

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